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    I need to update before I completely forget!

    I think at last update, Wee was planning to go to ESY with his dedicated aid, since she would be the one we would be relying on heavily for next year, given that his SpEd teacher was leaving.

    SpEd teacher had informed me that the district had interviewed and hired two new SpEd teachers, but wasn't sure where they would be placed. Both had spent time in her room.

    The District was balking at my push to get SpEd's tools and tactics on paper for the incoming teacher, and also balking at having a meeting, period.

    Well....we had the meeting on the last day of school, and the SpEd teacher started a document for the incoming teachers. We agreed to meet before the end of ESY.

    ESY ended last week, and we met again on the last day. After the previous meeting, the district approached Wee's SpEd teacher and asked her to reconsider leaving. Not sure the specifics, but she is STAYING!

    They also hired another SpEd teacher, one of the two that spent time in the classroom with Wee. The district's plan is, instead of an aid, Wee will split time between the two SpEd teachers. One of the two will be with him at all times, even in the mainstream room and during specials. The district says they hope this will allow Wee to be at school more; if one is out, he will still have the other teacher present.

    Wee did very well in ESY with the aid.

    He will start the year off with at least as long a day as he ended this year on. They also suggested if there was a more logical ending point within a half hour later of his current day's end time, they were ok with going ahead and adding those additional minutes.

    I'm sure there's plenty of bad in this. we still haven't met the new principal and she's not "new" to being a principal. This will be her 4th school. That always worries me. Ant this wasn't an official meeting. And Mr Atty was not present...BUT...the fact that he wasn't could be a good sign, also. For a long time this year, NO ONE spoke to me without going thru him first. (I always found it funny because they tried to hide it...I joked about the Shari communication committee, and occasionally would just include the atty on the email myself, and save them the trouble...)

    But, I am thinking that maybe, perhaps, the district has decided we're not going away and they might as well just figure something out? I don't know.

    Oh, the other bad thing...remember principal Pretty Boy? Not sure how, but he's on the school board as of April. Don't understand it all, but I think it was pretty underhanded. They didn't print names on the ballots in order to "save money", and it was not much publicized that he was I think its time for me to start making an appearance at board meetings. Put a face and a family behind the name kinda a thing. Cause we don't have a friend in him.
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    Great news about the current teacher staying! Sounds like some good progress was made!
  3. TeDo

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    :jumphappy:I am soooo happy for you and Wee!!! How awesome teacher is staying but boy, it really makes me wonder what is behind it. Mystery #2 (pretty boy is Mystery #1). Actually, who cares, SHE'S STAYING.

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    Not necessarily a bad thing. My uncle went through a series of jobs very quickly. Same type of structure (high management reporting to an elected board). The reason he had gone through so many is that he refused to do anything illegal or unethical and when the elected board tried to force him to and he refused, they fired him. She may be perfect to stand up for Wee.
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    I hear ya, TeDo. I really want to ask her if the district's request included more money. Wee had an exceptional year last year. He not only wasn't sent home from school, but he made serious academic progress. In my mind, it just proved what we'd been saying all along - it IS possible for this kid to succeed. What were the chances they were going to be able to find someone else to replicate the situation? After a year like that, they could no longer just say "he can't do it; its too much for him; he just can't handle it" as they had in the past.

    I think SpEd teacher and I will be friends down the road. I'd like to now, but it muddies the waters too much. But you can bet it will be a question I ask her someday.
  6. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    JJJ, my hangup with the principal is bias based on experience, and I realize that. I also realize its probably not realistic or fair, so I will keep it in check. My experience is limited, but so far, the only principal we've had that was open to methods other than just punishment and throwing Wee out was the first year principal he had in second grade. The man had no idea what to do with Wee, but he really, really tried to get on board with us. And that was better than the other 3 who had experience under their belt and had never encountered a child that their "iron fist" didn't fix.
    Ironically, that principal quit after that year and went back to the classroom for much the same reason your uncle went through jobs. He wanted to help kids, and he said that's not something he could do in that position.
    I hope the new principal is exactly your uncle's clone. With Pretty Boy on the board...well..."ethics" won't be their concern. Or the law. This is the man who, when I said we needed to be proactive with Wee and stop things before they happen, said "I am. I told him he can't go to school here if he does this again." REALLY? THAT'S your idea of proactive????
    And now he's on the school board. WOOHOO!
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    I'm SITLL dealing with one of these. Problem is, he isn't going anywhere and is actually being considered to be promoted to superintendent. UGH! If that happens, we are so out of there!!

    I put up so much of a stink, getting the county involved and going to the superintendent with the threat of going higher, that I finally got MOST of what I wanted which included a 1:1 para to help difficult child. I am really hoping to prove to them that I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT and I KNOW WHAT WILL WORK for difficult child.
  8. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Our district seems to be a stepping stone for principals...good or bad, it's likely they won't stay long.

    As for the super? We're on a first name basis...I don't think she likes it when she sees my truck pull up outside the office. They really didn't like it when they brought in their attorney and I started calling him directly with questions and situations...

    But I keep quietly hoping by some grace of God that we are turning a corner. I wish I knew a way to make this while process easier.
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    I'm so glad the teacher is staying!
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    You are doing everything you can to make the process easier. The difficulties are NOT your fault. I have a feeling that many on the team did NOT want to follow the law and the atty told them they had to and if they spoke to you with-o him/his approval then they would be open for a huge lawsuit because they alread broke so many many laws.

    I really hope you realize that many of the things they have done could have cost them large portions of their federal funding if you took it to that level. I know you wouldn't because you don't want the other kids to lose out and it might shut down the entire school (or district if the problems went high enough), but from what I know they have violated so many things including his civil rights many many times.

    I hope the new principal is good.

    I am THRILLED that they kept the sp ed teacher. Competition for sp ed teachers is fierce right now, and hopefully sp ed teach got a raise. She sure deserves it in my book. I have a feeling the atty let the school know that tehy have MORE than tested your patience with this partial day koi and that keeping the sp ed teacher no matter what could save them a TON of $$ that you could get for them denying Wee FAPE - because they HAVE denied him FAPE.

    Whatever you do, keep GOOD records each year of all that goes on. Most places have a 4 or 5 yr statute of limitations, so don't hesitate to push if they keep this iron fist junk up.

    in my opinion they should count their lucky stars to have YOU there. I would have had my own lawyer or two by now, I just don't have the patience.
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    fabulous news that they were able to keep the Special Education teacher! Bodes well for another great school year.

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    HOORAYYYY!!!!! I'm thrilled for you!!!