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is the best medicine...........

I was thinking of all of the work done here in FOO, we are truly.....primarily..... ourselves..... our own family of origin.

The child that grew up into an adult still exists.

"After a while the middle-aged person who lives in her head begins to talk to her soul, the kid."
Anne Lamott

Despite all that we have been through, if we remember well, as children we still found ways to be playful and bring joy and laughter into our lives.

It was, and is an essential part of living.

Last week I had a particularly hard morning. I went outside with the dogs, my pesky pom-chi loves to chase the wild chickens. I was feeling very down and had a good cry, red in the face, tear stains and all.
Well, a mama hen was in the yard with her chicks, it is spring and the darn little bulldozers are increasing by the day.
My little pom chi thought he would have a go at the mama hen, well that was a very bad choice.......he stealthily advanced towards her, she let out a loud alarming cackle, the little fuzzy chicks scattered to the shelter of the bushes and that hen lowered her head, her little beady eyes set on my now surprised dog, she fluffed up her feathers and rushed full throttle at my pom-chi, he ran off yelping, tail between his legs, I let out a loud hearty laugh that continued for awhile.
Instant relief.
I brushed myself off, chided my dog and drew in a deep breath.

Laughter. In the depths of the despair we live through with our d cs, laughter is so, so important.

Thank you Cedar, for the wonderful reminder.......