Leah Remini..lets just get her a room ready on the board

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  1. tinamarie1

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    Did anyone see the Rachael Ray show today with Leah Remini? She allowed cameras in her house to document her 3 1/2 yr old daughter and the problems they are having. Some of the things going on are: the daughter sleeps with her and hubby every single night (even tho she has 3 bedrooms of her own), they prepare 6 water bottles every night and the child wakes up nearly every hour for a "ba ba", Leah said that when people come over to their house, the little girl wants to put hideous makeup on them and Leah gets mad at the people and says "whats wrong with a 3 year old putting a little makeup on you?!" She said basically that it breaks her heart to not give her daughter everything she wants, and what does that really hurt? When the little girl throws a tantrum and is crying, it makes Leah sad and she cries too because she feels like a bad mom for not giving in, so she gives in. Her and her husband have not been intimate in their own bed for 3 years and have not had a full night sleep in that time either. So there is alot of tension between them as well. They even got into a few "fusses" on the show today.
    Crazy. Should we reserve her room for her now???
  2. meowbunny

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    Nah, she'd just start crying when we tell her she needs to tell her daughter no.
  3. tiredmommy

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    I agree with MB. The little girl isn't the difficult child.
  4. Lothlorien

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    No, just the product of an over-indulgent mother who is creating a BRAT!
  5. Abbey

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    My best friend had a baby at 40 two years ago. I love the girl to death, but SHE IS ANNOYING. After having 3 kids, you'd think you would know how to not indulge your children. It's gotten to the point that we don't visit too often because it is so exhausting. She has to be the center of attention at all times. I don't think she has ever played by herself for one minute.

    Sleeps in their bed, and it's an hour plus ritual to get her to sleep. Mom must lay down with her.

    Here's the kicker...mom is pregnant again. (I would shoot myself at this point.) The center of the universe is going to change soon. Should be interesting...but I'll watch from a distance.

  6. donna723

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    They will probably be one of the next families on "Super Nanny"!
  7. tinamarie1

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    Donna, i was totally thinking that same thing while watching that show. She needs someone to put it to her straight and not dance around the issue that she is creating an unhealthy environment for her daughter. All the "experts" that were brought in just kind of laughed things off and in my opinion did not tell her straight forward that she needs to stop.
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Send the kid to Aunti Star's boot camp for brats.

    One night in our king sized bed with snoring, farting, gnashing of teeth, tossing and turning of the bulldog - NOT to mention my own additions to our midnight ensemble. Between me and the bulldog it's a two man band- that kid would be running for her own "bankie and baba".
  9. donna723

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    Hee hee! Star, that's the exact same thing I'm usually thinking when I see a super-bratty spoiled kid and foolish over-indulgent parents ...
    "Just give ME that kid for a week - just one week ..." :rofl:
  10. Marguerite

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    There are ways, and there are ways...

    When easy child was a baby, I felt the same as that mother. I don't think I was an idiot about it, though. (by the way, I haven't seen the program you're talking about, I'm just going by what you've said). I used to pick easy child up before she cried; I would be listening for that first sound they make that indicates they've had enough playing on their own, and I would pick her up at that point. I did try to give her what I thought she wanted. But that was as a baby - as soon as the child is old enough to talk and express their needs more fluently, it's easier to not only give them what they REALLY want, but also to talk to them about sharing, helping, thinking about other people.

    Babies don't understand about other people. They see the entire world as an extension of themselves, only existing to service their wants. In time, even a spoilt child learns that the world is more complex than that.

    I don't think easy child was ever spoiled. As much as I wanted to hold and cuddle my baby, she wanted to explore what was going on and would push away from me to get down and crawl. It was what she wanted so I let her.

    Perhaps a big difference here, is easy child was in Long Day Care from 12 weeks old, mixing with other babies her age. She grew to be a strong-willed, capable, socially competent child. In her first year of school there were a number of kids from the same child care centre. The teacher wailed, "I have a classroom full of leaders, and no followers!"

    I used to carry difficult child 3 a lot, I would cuddle him to sleep every time. I loved it. But when he was about three months old, he decided he didn't want or need that any more. He would enjoy a cuddle, then when he felt sleepy enough he would almost leap out of my arms and into the cot, where he would determinedly turn his head and tuck his nose in, sound asleep within a couple of minutes.

    Star, you keep animals. You've seen the difference between animals as wonderful companions, and animals as snappy, horrid, possessive little critturs. When I was a kid, we had corgis. We used to breed them, sell them to people we knew and often saw how they turned out. Our dogs were well-behaved, well-trained, nice-natured (except for the first one we had, who could be very jealous of the other dogs). Mostly, the pups turned out the same - lovely, loyal, well-behaved companions. But my brother's parents-in-law bought one of our pups and were stupid with it. They'd pick it up, kiss and cuddle it, baby talk to it and as a result, the dog turned out to be snappy and vicious - with everyone except them, mostly, but even with them at times. They had raised their dog to be the boss, to be the one in charge, and frankly I think she felt the responsibility was a strain. She would snarl at anyone who didn't belong, to make sure they knew she was boss as well. If you turned your back she would go for your ankles. I was good with dogs, especially corgis, but this one wouldn't let me touch her or even come near.

    This kid sounds like she's the boss. Her parents have clearly put her needs so far above their own, that they're sending completely the wrong messages. She's going to be the human equivalent of that snappy, vicious corgi. Jealous of any attention her parents spend NOT on her; pathologically jealous to the point of harm. And all those sacrifices - why should she ever show any gratitude? None has ever been expected or requested. It's all given to her, so why should she ever feel she has to be grateful? It is her right, surely? Her parents, in ten years' time, will be asking themselves, "Where did we go wrong? We gave her everything..."

    Yep. That'd do it.

  11. Sara PA

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    They will probably be one of the next families on "Super Nanny"!

    Odd, they sound exactly like the family that was on "Super Nanny" this week. Parents hadn't slept together in the same bed in 8 years, or so they claim, because the kids took it over. Dad usually ended up in one of the kids' bed. The three daughters, especially the youngest, played Mom like you couldn't believe. Funny thing, didn't look like anyone was having fun, not even the kids.
  12. tryinghard

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    I did not see the episode but hope she is able to figure it out ...for her sake, her husbands sake and their daughter.

    You never know, she could have a difficult child. We all know how much easier it would be (in the short term) if you just gave into them versus doing what needs to be done.
  13. susiestar

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    I didn't see the episode, but having seen interviews with Leah, am not surprised. Some people should have mandatory parenting classes, whether they are on TV or not.

    Sooner or later life will smack this child and the parents won't be able to "fix" it. At that time she will start to grow up.

    I picked up EACH of my kids as soon as they started fussing. My inlaws thought I was terribly overindulgent - when the kids were a month or two old. By the time they could speak they could help cook and do dishes - even difficult child! I have PICTURES!!!!

    I honestly think responding to their needs quickly when they are infants leads to happier, better behaved children. What Leah Remini is doing is NOT this. She is simply spoiling a child. I hope she sees the light and starts parenting soon. Her marriage may depend on it. I know many couples who divorced because the mom treated the kid/kids this way.