Lean Time tip that saved me BIG today!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Star*, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    WHen I say BIG I say HUGE because - well first I want to thank whomever of you posted in the Lean time tip thread that you had started to slow down and took your lead foot off the gas pedal.

    I thought - Well that's one I could do easily enough - and by simply modifying my routine I gathered 10 minutes to slow down from 65mph to somewhere between 55-64......mostly 60. Figured it could NOT hurt to try and I'm a product of the 55 mph generation when we had the first gas crunch in the 70's.

    SO I SLOWED.....DOWN. And while I'm NOT very popular with people on the road speeding - I'm tooling down lifes highway - at 58......and a truck driving VERY fast starts to ride my tail in the slow lane - Everyone in the morning on the way to work driving 77 N. is going about 80 mph. Even in the slow lane - so when I tell you I'm NOT very popular driving nearly 25 - 30 mph slower - I mean it. Still I perservered. 55-60 - and with an angry tail gater who is on the phone and telling the person on the phone that she's going to run me over (fair lip reader even in a rear view mirror) that and her hand gestures.....lol

    So I stay the course.......thinking of the money this will save - thinking of how I"ll come back and witness to you all that the other poster was SO right on.....and then she went by me in a blurrrrrr. rrrrrrrrrrr

    And cut RIGHT in front of a county cop. THen did about 80 plus - and the cop and everyone else was keeping right up with her......and I thought - OMG WHOT WHOT AN IDIOT. But she figured the cop was cool -

    And then the cop flipped on her lights and pulled her over - and I see all this but I'm about a mile or so behind (because I'm conserving gas) and as I go by - I beeped........lol I beeped and waved like I was Forrest Gump on the Jenny waving to lieutenant Dan. And finished driving to work.

    So Thanks - SO MUCH for that tip - I can tell you that my gas usually lasts about 6 days and this tip has helped me to stretch it to almost 8 days of driving.......so

    HATS OFF FOR MY FAVORITE TIP - for gas !!!!!!!!!!

    Please take credit - you deserve it! :D;)
  2. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wasn't mine - wanted to tell you that you did GREAT. I am also a not so popular road person. I honestly believe that if I am doing the speed limit that I do not need to move over or speed up to let someone break the law. So as I get people on my tail I have started to bring out my calming techniques. Breathing and reminding myself that I am going to obey the law. I get lots of practice. If these people need to get somewhere, they better learn to leave earlier.
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    :rofl: :rofl:

    OMG Star, I LOVE it. Now if it would only happen to all those people wanting to run me over I'd be tickled.

    Mrs. Leadfoot has officially slowed down to granny speed. husband is only having to fill my tank about once every 2 weeks. :D

    I didn't make the tip. It was something I remembered also from the 70's. Plus watch those jack rabbit starts, and ease into red lights slowly.......sometimes you never have to stop before it changes back to green which is also a way to save on the gas.

    But boy, does it peeve people off.

    And add into it that 1 of the 2 main streets/highways thru our little town is closed due to contruction that is taking an eternity to complete.........well........yeah.

    Most of the cars sit in traffic for an hour or more going each way. Me, I know a back route that gets me thru town in under ten mins with no traffic. So I don't burn up gas in the traffic jam either. :D
  4. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Not only did you save on gas, just think how much you'll be saving by NOT having to pay all those traffic tickets and fines like little Miss Phone-In-Her Ear! I hope she was still yammering on the phone when the cop saw her! That's one big reason why I don't speed, or go more than a few mph over - I can't afford to pay the tickets! What a total waste of good money! I can actually be going 60 in a 55 mph zone (they won't get you for 60) and people are passing me like crazy!
  5. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    I HATE speeders. Really, I do. I secretly wait for a cop on any corner to catch them. The only worse thing is people who speed and talk on their cells. That really annoys me. I never answer my cell while driving. If it's important enough, I'll call back after they've left a message.

  6. flutterbee

    flutterbee Guest

    Not only saved on tickets, but insurance going up from said tickets, too.

    Lexapro cured my lead foot. Seriously. Much, much more calm.

    And tailgaters? They get on my bumper and my foot comes off the gas. If you're going to rear-end me, I'm going to make it at slow a speed as possible.
  7. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I don't know who posted it, but I thought about it today. I have to remind husband how much $$$ he saved in our old Ford Escort wagon on his trips to work. He certainly leaves early enough to be able to drive 55, and he DANG sure isn't Sammy Hagar (remember that old song?). Anyway, I know he used to make the mpg go up quite substantially by driving 55 mph, and it helped not get tickets, AND it is the best speed for the engine (optimal speed for most cars, according to some book I read on how to keep your car working better longer). anyway, I am glad Star didn't get the ticket, and glad the tailgater went around her - tailgating is for picnics, NOT for driving.

    I also slow down, sometimes WAY down when being tailgated. I don't want to be hit at a high speed either.

  8. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    That is so great! I love it. I belong to the School of Granny drivers as well. I do speed once in awhile but I really try hard not to. One trick I read also when the gas prices started going up, I think it is legal? Is drive barefoot, or with your right shoe off. You are more sensitive to stopping and starting. I forget what the numbers where on savings but i was very impressed. I always take my shoes off now!
  9. meowbunny

    meowbunny New Member

    I'm of the school you go the speed that traffic is going. At the very least, if you insist on going slower, GET OUT OF THE WAY. Stay in the slow lane. Better yet, stay off the freeways. All you do is get people mad and they will ether tailgate you or maneuver like a mad person to get around you -- neither of which is safe.

    I've taken several defensive driving courses and the consensus has been that while going the speed limit or slower is a good, safe thing to do, it becomes irrelevant if you've ticked off the drivers around you. They lose their common sense and it becomes an accident waiting to happen situation.

    So, I would say slow down when it is safe but if the traffic is going 10 miles faster than you are, please keep up with the traffic for the safety of you and others. Road rage makes people do some really stupid things and there's no reason to get others mad when you can avoid it.

    I rarely speed but I will move over so that someone driving faster can get by me. So, if the speed limit is 65 and I want to do 55, I'm going to bend over backwards to let those who want to go faster pass me. If I'm doing the speed limit and others want to go faster, I'll move over. I'll also let drivers know I see them and that I'm trying to get out of their way (it takes nothing to give a friendly wave and turn your signal on). If there's no way to get out of the way, I will speed up until I can safely change lanes and let the other drivers pass.

    There's just no reason to get other drivers mad by insisting on your speed expect ego. Sorry, ladies.
  10. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    NOT a speeder here. I rarely drive anymore so it's not an issue, but when I do I just let those behind me wait.

  11. crazymama30

    crazymama30 Active Member

    It was me, and I glad I saved you money. I sure should have taken my own advice, though. :916blusher:I had been really good about slowing down, but on Wednesday I was supposed to work 12hrs. Got called off for the first 8, which is what I asked for as I had lots of homework, but then had to go in from 3pm to 7:30pm. I was irritated. I wanted to do more school work, and did not go to work. I was caught on radar going 63 in a 45.:crazydriver:

    I am now slowing down, again.
  12. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    OMG, ROFL!!!!! Too funny.

    CrazyMama, how ironic! So sorry.

    One more comment ... it saves lives, too, because it's a heck of a lot easier to control your car when you're not speeding. husband and I attended driving classes at BMW in SC last wk and learned about braking, steering, skidding, etc. and oh, my goodness, what a diff speed makes. You go through various skill sections at incremental speeds, and it becomes harder and harder. You don't realize how fast 55 is, for example, until a semi pulls out in front of you and you have to slam on the brakes.
    (They were fun classes, by the way. I recommend them!)
  13. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member


    I do have to say over the years I have started to drive about 5 to 10 miles over the speed limit. I never used to. I remember a friend telling me when I moved here to keep up with traffic I would have to drive faster than the speed limit. I thought no way but over the years noticed I was trying to keep up with traffic and was going faster than the limit.
  14. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    The posted speed limit is a law. I refuse to get a speeding ticket because others are breaking the law. The officer will pull over the person at the front of the line - the officer is not going to accept the excuse that you were trying to avoid a tailgater even if there was a way to move over which is often not possible. All speeders need to learn to slow down and obey the law. If no one is around, then go as fast as you want but if there is one other vehicle, you better slow down and follow that speed limit. They are set for safety. I still will not move over - I have every right to be in my lane as long as I am going the maximim speed limit as posted. Usually I am going about 5 miles per mile over so of course do not need to change for someone speeding.
  15. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Terry -

    Those classes ARE fantastic - I love the anaolgy of the soda can (your car) vs. the train (holds up can) then holds up flattened can.

    My former boss used to race Beemers.....lovely cars!
  16. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Here in OK it is common to see the slower driver pull over onto the berm and let you pass, even if the fast lane is empty. That is how I learned to drive. I DO slow down if being seriously tailgated, and motion for the driver to go around. If the driver won't, I stay at a slow speed for MY safety. If you are going to hit me, then I want to be driving as slow as possible.

    BUT if htere is ANY way for ME to pull over and let you pass, I WILL. Around here it is just common courtesy. I do realize that drivers in large cities drive differently. When back in Cinci, or driving through Dallas or Atlanta or St. Louis, or other big cities, I DO drive the way others do.

    But when driving between, or here in my own little town, I drive the speed limit or slower. That speed limit is a MAXIMUM, and I really CAN'T afford a ticket. I also don't answer my phone. If you call, and I am driving, you will have to wait. I WILL call you back, but don't expect instant results. It will be wehn I am not driving. Just as I don't expect you to return my call instantly.

    Lately, if I see someone is on their phone while driving I let tehm pass me and get as far ahead of me as I can. That way I can see what they are doing and won't be hit from behind by them because they are not paying attention. Studies have shown that drunk drivers are more accurate, safe drivers than people on cell phones. And I have had quite a number of friends hurt and seriously injured by people on cell phones.

    But mb is right, it takes very little time to pull over and let someone pass you.