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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Had a staffing, risk management planning & crisis safety planning mtg this morning for kt.

    First, I thought I was late as Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) coordinator called me at my doctor appointment to inform me that I was late & she was waiting outside my home. My doctor was gracious enough to let me take this call (forgot to put my phone on "in meeting") as she was writing up orders & scripts.

    Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) coordinator calls back 5 minutes later - she was wrong & I WAS RIGHT! That doesn't happen often. I was right, I was right, nanny nanny boo boo:bigsmile:.

    I began the meeting discussing the cigarette thing. No one talked for about 2 minutes (unusual for a group this size) then all began talking at once.

    I stopped all the input, told them my reasoning & that I would continue this because my mom gut was telling me this was the right thing to do.

    I heard from each of the staff & then 2 of them began to back me up; understood my concerns & needs to keep kt safe from herself & others.

    Meeting went well - emotional but it went well.
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    Glad to hear they back you up! And, why didn't Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) coord wonder about the timing when she was the only one who showed up!!!!!!!!

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    I like the way you handled this- I'm glad it went well!
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    They are informed and you got a little support. Sounds like the best you could hope for under the circumstances. I'm glad you feel better. DDD
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    Handled with grace, as always.

    Good job.
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    You go warrior mom!!!!!!!!!!

    Leave 'em speechless.......you sure did!!!!


    Excellent job timer!
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    WOW!! Great job!!!

    I am pleased that some of those on her case understand the complexities of issues like smoking when kt is in the picture. To those that do NOT understand, I will bonk them with the staff of understanding if you want. We here who create the various Staffs of Life Skills are happy to demonstrate their effective use and how they increase efficient time management as it applies to your daily life. Simply call us at (364) 593-7559 - aka (Doh!)LyfSklz to schedule your free demonstration. Or contact us at www.DohLyfSklz.com and we will be happy to call you to discuss which of our Staffs are right for YOUR needs.

    Life Skills Staffs come in several models, and can be customized for your needs. Understanding, Common Sense, Compassion, and many other models are available.

    I hope the team members will back you up if there is ever a problem. Can you get notes from this meeting showing who agreed with you on this issue?

    You are a really good mom, with creative ideas to truly help your child.