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  1. shellyd67

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    husband and I have nicknamed difficult child's new friend Eddie Haskell.

    OH my is he quick.

    We met him for the first time Friday night and he "tried" to charm me ...

    "Oh my, Mr. and Mrs. difficult child your house is gorgeous and you keep it so clean"
    "Does difficult child know how lucky he is? "

    "Oh my, Mr. and Mrs. difficult child you make the best snacks"
    "Does difficult child know how lucky he is ?"

    He then would go outside and reak a little havoc and then come back in:

    "Oh my, Mr. and Mrs. difficult child, did you know so and so likes difficult child and thinks he is so hilarious?"
    "Can I call you Mom and Dad?"

    He then picks up an orange and says it looks funny and then says nevermind I am not going to say what I think it looks like because I have a dirty mind ... Really kid?

    He tells husband and I his sad sob story and we do feel bad for him but geeze ...

    I am perplexed here ... He runs the streets all day long and knows an awful lot about the streets and it is very apparent he is way more street smart than my difficult child.

    I have fed him dinner 2x now but I feel the "stray cat syndrome" is a comin ...

  2. keista

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    You sure his "sob story" is real? Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing.
  3. cubsgirl

    cubsgirl Well-Known Member

    What Keista said...... I'd be wary if he's that slick.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    He "could be" scouting your house for a gang or personal gain. Hate to say it. I'd be VERY VERY careful with him. Dude had a friend like that - and the little turd thought he was so slick......I observed him unlocking our bedroom window JUST before we offered to drive him home, because he KNEW we were going to the store and then out for the evening. The window was - the one that is under the AC unit he could stand on and push up to climb into. I'd also observed him asking things like - are those rings real, (diamonds), are those guns locked up in the safe ALL the time? (we took him to the range with us with parent permission) is this that, is that this? TOO many freaking questions. ALWAYS looking. ALWAYS checking - always eyes dancing......and so polite you could just scrape his honey off with a knife.

    Then - I catch him saying - OH can I use your bathroom real quick? I won't be a second -----and runs back in the house -----we're all almost in the car -------and I ran back in just had a feeling (momsense) and there he was grabbed the keys off the hook and was in the room - unlocking the window.......BUSTED bigger than snot. I knew EXACTLY what it meant. He tried to give some lame lie. But that was it. I told DF to take him home, I stayed in the house.....cancelled the night out in case he had some big brother plans to visit the house that night and he was not welcome back on the property...AND we made a police report. We also told his Mother and Grandmother if ANYTHING came up missing - they'd be coming to talk to him first. (innocent till proven guilty - but what a jerk)

    So be aware like kiesta said.
  5. buddy

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    So odd. I hope at best he is a kid who just is a slight difficult child, awkward socially and in a not great situation....and that it is not that he is trying to set you all up. Yuck, I never would have even thought of that. What can you do but be very aware.

    Star, so great you trusted that gut feeling. I am learning so much here and in the past few months have really learned that it is more than just a saying or a little feeling....It is really something you can learn to tune into. I guess I hadn't done much of that or maybe didn't need to as much before.
  6. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Don't trust that sob story. A kid like that can do a world of hurt to your kid. Wiz had 2 friends like that. THe first was from a family that was truly sick and seemed really normal and nice. this kid convinced Wiz that all females were demons and it was the male's duty given by God to make the devil leave them by whatever means necessary. I stopped the interaction when I learned of this. I overheard the dad telling the boys about this one day before a Boy Scout meeting - he was the troop leader and it was just Wiz and hsi son there at that time and he thought I had left but I was in another room. It took us YEARS to convince Wiz it was not true and that Jess and I were NOT demons or possessed. I actually filled a little bottle with holy water at the church right after they filled hte little bowls and took it home and it took drinking a little of it and not having blisters pop out all over me and my flesh not melt like acid to prove that I was telling the truth. Extreme, but it was the ONLY "proof" that he would accept and it got so bad taht his psychiatrist and therapist thought it might be worth trying because he really was going nuts over it and it was feeding the violence to the extreme. It was one source fo the extreme violence he had, and by the time we ended his delusions the violence was ingrained.

    The other kid like this had a single mom and 3 big brothers. the brothers were in charge after school and he told us that they locked him out every day until after dark. I knew his mom and his brothers and didn't believe it. I walked him home one day because he kept asking us to order a $35 dollar pizza for hm (wiht OUR money) because his bro's wouldn't let him eat dinenr. It was all a lie but he told at least ten other families the same story and some bought it and the pizza mroe than a few times. I was the ONLY one to talk to his mom and his brothers about it. Seems the kid was sneaking out when they tried to make him do homework, not locked out. The stories of abuse grew and grew and the mom was horrified. He also had an unhealthy interest in Jess and kept trying to get her to go places wth him!

    Don't trust the kid, and keep your eyes and ears wide open and on him at ALL times. He has an angle and is NOT your child's friend. not by a long shot.
  7. Calamity Jane

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    My difficult child had a friend like that, who lived around the corner. He was so profoundly polite, he'd call us Mr. & Mrs. so-and-so, "gee, those cookies sure smell great...gee, you're a great cook, I'm so hungry, I didn't eat today, blah, blah blah." He'd wander in to the den where husband was watching the ball game and say, "how 'bout those Yankees" because my husband is a huge Yankee fan. A**-kisser. He would miraculously show up at our door just as the 4 of us would be going out for dinner on Saturday night, and he would actually ask if he could come. Of course, schmucks that we were, we willingly invited him. He'd order the most expensive things on the menu, and call the waiter over to ask for more bread! Holy cow! This kid was 11! Then he'd be over all the time, and he'd be in our basement with-difficult child, turning him on to drugs and sleazy stuff on the internet. He had an older brother who still lived at home at the time, and they'd all sneak out in the middle of the night and drink vodka and get high together, and all the while he was soooo super polite. When I found out, I called his mom, and she wasn't shocked at all...too tired with-the two of her sons to even react. My difficult child was so enamored of this kid, he used to see him on the sly, although we forbid it. My difficult child became an accomplished liar, bull**** artist and pothead because of that relationship.
    Take my advice and get your difficult child as far from this kid as possible. We're so blinded by their politeness and they know it and exploit it easily. I'd have more respect for a dirtbag who just acts like a dirtbag than a kid like that...it's just evil.
  8. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    We've had a few Eddie Haskel's over the years. H immediately spots them, it usually takes me a couple of visits because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt - or maybe because I am a sucker.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    We didn't have Eddie Haskel - We had that kid from the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire - JayZ. We ordered two large Pizza hut pizzas, set them on the stove, came in from finishing our work and the kid had ate all but two pieces of TWO large pepperoni and supreme pizzas. I took his kiester home forthwith. He wasn't allowed in the house after that. And he DEFINITELY never got an invite for dinner. EVER.

    Clamaity - Azzki##er....ROFL.....hehehehe
  10. shellyd67

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    Thanks for all the feedback guys ... We are keeping all eyes, ears and everything else open when " Eddie" is around. With the weekend approaching I am sure he will show up at some point.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well don't order pizza. And if he's an AZZKI@@er? Toss him a new bottle of CHAPSTICK.
  12. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    on the other hand, we did have this young girl, Brandi, who showed up on our doorstep every saturday and Sunday around 7 am. The girls and I would be snuggled up in bed, but H is the early bird. He would hear her gentle knock, she would ask the girls to come out to play so he would let her watch tv till they got up, usually within an hour. Sometimes he'd walk over and get bagels for us all and she would be with us all day....no phone calls from mom, nothing. Often she would have breakfast, lunch and dinner with us. I hated sending here home. She was a true orphan. Her parents were simply uninterested and uninvolved. Then her dad died when she was around 11 or so and the mom moved away. We saw her from time to time, but we never spent time with her like we did when we all lived at the condos.
  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I've had a few "orphans" over the years. Only recall one who was overly polite, but she was that way because she was afraid I wouldn't let her hang at the house if she wasn't. She'd be there from early morning until after dark when I put the kids to bed. She "came to play with the kids" but she always ended up sitting with me most of the time. Child was starved for some motherly attention. Never fed this one, all she craved was the attention. Didn't take long to figure out Mom found a new man and had a new baby and suddenly the little girl was pushed to the background in a huge way.

    Oh, wait. Nichole's husband was overly polite. And he did the wow you're so lucky your mom cooks..........yadda stuff. And while it made me suspicious, turned out he meant it. His mom thinks frozen food is "cooking". Picked up is cleaning.........never does any in depth cleaning and while her house looks tidy.........if you take a closer look it can make you sick to your stomach in certain areas.

    Eddie Haskel types send up red flags for me. Probably not all deserve them, but manners not being taught the way they used to........red flag. Usually doesn't take long to find out if they're sincere or not.

    Oh damn.........remember another one. A boy. Really wasn't any of the kids "friend". Just showed up one day to play. Getting rid of him was like trying to pry a leech off. He didn't know manners, but he tried. He was the type to get the huge puppy eyes at food. And we heard how bad it was at home. Turned out? It really was that bad at home. Mom was mentally handicapped and on SS.......and ran through her check within the first week of each month, same with her foodstamps. Then? Half the time other people would convince her to give them her stuff, so her kids did without. ugh. Once I found that out.....I just served him up a plate of food. We wound up finding him winter clothes and a coat before they moved off the block due to being evicted.