Leaving on a Jet Plane


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well folks mixed emotions are running here this morning. Trying to lose that old familiar knot in my stomach as we head to the airport.

Son decided he would prefer to stay at Cop mom and GFs house instead of being minded by family friend. So many things ran through my mind. How this was the worst idea humanly possible and this is going to end in disaster or worse Jail were among a few of my thoughts.

Initially I hit the panic pit, then I paused.... ahhh yes I am learning from my meditation techniques. I meditated and paused. And I came to my conclusions.

He is 18 and for all intents and purposes he is an adult. If he :censored2:s up while we are away what better justification can I have than to express to the courts that Cop mom volunteered (ya I know she really interfered, the dumb ass) to supervise our dear AS while we were away. No finer person to leave son in the care of than one of our very own officers of the law! If he gets into trouble that’s on her and AS not us. Let girlfriend and Cop mom fill their boots! I have text messages from here showing her interference with our arrangements and her voluntarily requesting to supervise son while we are away. Huh funny the panic and pandemonium left....there is still an underlying knot in my stomach ....the knot of impending doom.

I went through all the usual throws of FOG as I packed my bag. Again I paused and allowed reason to prevail. This Is Normal, taking a rest and a well deserved vacation is normal. I am normal and I do normal things that normal people do.

I am grateful we decided to take this vacation now. The holiday season is on full swing and it was starting to get me down. We have no extended family to spend the holidays with. When we return we have festive arrangements for Christmas arranged. We have set it up to succeed as a joyous time wether or not son chooses to participate.

My gosh that felt good to get out of my head. I am so glad I found you all!!

And now we are at the airport. Yay let the vacation begin Margaritas for Everyone!


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Great job thinking through this all. Take the vaca, it's well-deserved. I personally might feel better with son at girlfriend's than with him home trying to game "minder" person. Seems equally at risk and this way he made the choice-so not on you! Try to relax, you've more than earned it. So many times I've thought "but if we go away, something always happens.." until I remember that it always happens when we were home too...life is short-enjoy.


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I am truly awed by your strength and your spiritual practice. You are a rock star!

Enjoy that vacation and remember that your son has his own Higher Power whether he realizes it or not. His HP will ensure he gets what he needs including opportunities to turn his life around should he be ready for them.

Many blessings to you and your husband.


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Since he would have ditched the minder and gone there anyway, good on you! Enjoy yourself and try not to worry about son. In the big picture, because he is legally an adult, whether he emotionally is or not, his recovery is on him. Or not. You can't make him take the gift of rehab and utilize it. You cant pick good friends for him. Too bad we cant, but we cant.

I hope you have one hell of a fun vacation! You made a great choice for yourself!


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We're only spectators in the life our difficult children choose!

We are only spectators.

Enjoy the hell out of it girlfriend!!


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Son will do what son will do. Try not to even think about him. You so deserve this time alone together. Hugs!!!


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This Is Normal, taking a rest and a well deserved vacation is normal. I am normal and I do normal things that normal people do.

Yes!! And for all the abnormal you have endured, you deserve to win the lottery too, so get some scratchers.

Enjoy and take in the healing sun.


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I hope you are off having the most amazing vacation ever. I also hope that Cop Mom is having the experience that she deserves (insert evil chuckle here). I hope that whatever choices your son makes end up reflecting poorly on her, at least in his mind.

Many hugs and vacation wishes! I hope they don't track you down while you are gone!