Left Brain grocery shopping

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterby, May 30, 2009.

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    OMG! Funny!!!
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    Sad thing is.....I can EASILY see husband doing something like that. :slap:
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    This is so much of what I live everyday. Life in the south is always funny.
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    Both my husband and my dad have done similar things.

    But a friend of mine had the perfect system to help her dad out at the store. Her dad started doing ALL the grocery/walmart type shopping when she was a teen. And he had 2 teenage girls and a wife.

    Each of the women used a different brand/type of feminine supplies.

    After the first time when he got things confused and no one had the right supplies they came up with a plan. They actually cut the front panel out of the box or bag - the one with all the info. Then they cut out the UPC code. The UPC code got taped to the back of the cardboard, and for supplies in bags, those were taped onto a file folder and the UPC on the back of that.

    Can you just IMAGINE that poor guy in the store with all these box fronts for feminine supplies???

    Thanks for the link. I am glad I wasn't drinking my Coke!