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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Jan 28, 2008.

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    The Kanga saga continues. She did tell me tonight that if she comes home from the psychiatric hospital and Tigger makes her mad, she will punch him. She is being evaluated by our "gatekeeper" tomorrow to see if she remains eligible for inpatient hospitalization. If so, she will be transferred to a medical hopsital that has a pysch unit so that she can have the medical tests that have been recommended (functional MRI, 24-hour EEG, etc).

    The current psychiatric hospital psychiatrist has agreed that she needs to be transferred as an inpatient. The psychiatric hospital neuropsychologist has rated her as "high risk of harm to others" and "moderate risk of harm to self". The psychiatric hospital sw agrees that she has made only minimal progress and is likely to try and hurt Tigger if she comes home.

    So, with all of those people agreeing, we still need the agreement of a minimum wage case worker who will meet Kanga for all of 20 minutes -- does this make sense to anyone????? :crazy1:

    Meanwhile, psychiatric hospital sw and I are trying to 'work the system' so that Kanga gets transferred to a hospital that is prepared for her. So, I work with the intake nurse at hospital R and she says that they want a doctor-to-doctor rather than a nurse-to-nurse due to the complexity of Kanga. Course by the time current psychiatric hospital calls soon-to-be-psychiatric hospital everyone has left for the day and the shift nurse says they are full (no idea if there is a 'hold' on a bed for Kanga or not). So we start over tomorrow and hope that the bed has not disappeared.

    Without the need to go through these 'gatekeepers' she's already be at the new psychiatric hospital! And it is totally hit or miss if you get a good worker, we've had two outstanding workers and one criminally-horrible one and a few adequate ones. Keep your fingers crossed that we get a good one tomorrow (or even a lazy one that will just do what she/he is told :tongue: )
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    Not much experinece with that but a quick not to say I'm so sorry for what you're going through. You're such a strong woman and I praise you for trudging through the mess! i hope Kanga gets the care she needs from the person she needs it from! Thinking of you!
  3. jannie

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    Sending positive thoughts that the "gatekeeper" does what is needed. Good Luck tomorrow--
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    Uggh! What a circus you're in! Hope the ducks line up the way they're supposed to tomorrow and she'll be on her way to the new facility...
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    Triple J,

    I'm so sorry that the "gatekeepers" are giving you so much trouble. It happens here as well - the people who keep at least one pediatric bed open! That bed that is needed so badly by either my kid, your kid or someone else's is protected by the "gatekeeper".

    There is always that one kid who cannot get by the "gatekeeper".

    JJJ, I expect Kanga will be admitted - I also expect you're going to have to jump through every hoop with this child. Sad to say, after this it will probably get easier.

    I'm keeping you & yours in my thoughts & prayers. :flower:
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    Sending cyber keymasters to straighten this mess out. Mega prayers to you, my friend.
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    Current psychiatric hospital is going to really push for the transfer because they are 12 children over capacity and have kids 3-to-a-room. I've decided to make the call from our psychiatrist/therapist's office this am cause they are great advocates for Kanga.

    See you in a few hours!