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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by CAT, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. CAT

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    Need help my difficult child is being charged with 4 counts of sexual battery. For grabbing bottoms & tops without permission while these girls continued to hang out with my difficult child all summer long. Also one girl admitted to putting his hand down her shirt. We were told by the officer that the girls dropped the charges. The claims were made just after said girl found out difficult child kissed another girl & accused my difficult child of calling her continually & hanging up. difficult child denies etc. Not that i want to excuse difficult child behavior but I dont see how this can be considered battery.
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    Here is a link but its from might want to check your actual statutes for what constitutes sexual battery in your state.

    Not knowing your sons age makes this difficult for me too. If we are talking about 12 or 13 year olds I would think it would be different than if he was older.
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    he;s 13 going on 14
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    Do you mean he touched her breasts and private area? If so, no matter how much they called or whether it's assault or not, I'd be concerned. JMO
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    If the girls have dropped the charges - who is picking up the charges? The state?
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    No advice, just a ((((hug)))).

    Is this a situation where the girl dropped the charge but the parent didn't? Or once charges are filed the girl has no control??

    Does he have any diagnosed mental illness/disorder? I ask because hypersexuality can be a symptom of bipolar.

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    ID has a no tolerance policy & prosecutor is pushing charges. officer & atty both were shocked this was being pushed since after investingation it was mostly teen horseplay & girls were not objecting as much was originally stated in complaint to school. So now we must spend a min of $3000 to have our son defended. Son has bad history of trouble in school not of this type but definately issue that will hurt him if brought to light in a court room. Worried son will not understand how is actions are inappropriate he is mad & of course cannot control his mouth & attitude. Feeling stressed, depressed ( me) etc...
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    i'm sorry to hear that you are going through this. i think i'd try a few diff things.

    first i'd have your son write a written apology to said girls (make copy for your file) call parents and ask if you can send it;

    secondly what is he diagnosed with?? your here so there must be something you need to use that to your advantage i believe. bare with me but i would.

    you should discuss these things with your attny sounds like you have one.

    it's a two fold sort of thing they can't try him as an adult i dont' believe yet you do wnat him to understand that his actiosn were completely inappropriate and shouldn't be tolerated.

    it's a rough one but you can find your way around it. your attny should be telling you this stuff. by the way i dont' like attnys a whole lot. :)

    good luck