Legal question: How does harassment charge work?


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If somebody never wants to hear from somebody again and states it in, say, a text and the person contacts you again, is that enough? Can you then file a restraining order?



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Sorry, not my field. Usdd to be you had to have reason to fear you wee in danger. I know that's not it now, but I suspect you'd need more than a call of text or email aa couple of times. 20 calls a day? Then you're talking.


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Yes. But the person always comes back somehow. I am onto the person...I don't want to hear from her. It triggers me. If she tries again I may attempt a restraining order. It may not work, but if she keeps contacting me after that, maybe if she tries it again, it will work the second time.

At any rate, I need this person out of my life and am now ready to force the issue. I feel like I am being stalked by a person who has done much harm (and doesn't admit it or, worse, doesn't see it) yet keeps up with my business and contacts me when the mood strikes as though nothing happened.

Oh, well. Guess I will save any messages...I have requested in text no contact.


Now to enjoy Christmas :)


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She has done this to you for years. As soon as she knows you want know contact, she contacts you. As soon as your life is going really well, she contacts you. I challenge the idea that she doesn't know she triggers you. If she didn't know, she wouldn't contact you each time you were happy and having a streak of positive things in your family's life.

I would call the Court Clerk to see what the procedure is and what is required to get a restraining order. That would be how to find out. Of course a lawyer could tell you, and you may need one, but for starters, the Court Clerk down at the courthouse is a good place to start. And it is free!

I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!

Merry Christmas!


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Thanks,Sus! I will do what I can. At the very least I can keep her blocked and not read anything she might mail. I'm moving, but it's easy to find addresses on the internet. Unfortunately.

I think she liked to mess with me then act clueless later, when SHE wants me. She knows darn well calling the cops on your sister because of an e-mail is very provocative. Not to mention her going no conta t with me 100 times. I did a list of pros and cons to staying in touch and let's just say when one of the cons is "She could call the cops again just because she can" that says it all. The only cop I want in my house again is my daughter.

Now she got what she was begging for. Or what her lifelong actions say to me. No contact or I will try to take action. Boy, is my husband glad!!

Meanwhile, expecting my brood for Christmas!!!

Have a great one, all.
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