Legal Rights of Step-Parents


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I am not sure if any of you have any experience with this but...

I was trying to make an appointment for difficult child's nuero-psychiatric testing. Because I am technically the step-parent, they won't talk to me. They told me that husband has to make the initial appointment. I wanted to laugh at the girl on the phone and ask her if she had met husband, as this will not happen. Not that he isn't finally coming around, but there is no way he will have the patience to deal with 50 different people before you finally find the right one to talk to.

Bottom line, is there any kind of form that husband can sign and we can have notarized that would give me permission to deal with medical issues? Thanks for the help!


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Yes, there is. I gave 'permission' to my difficult children step-mother to make medical decisions in case of emergency.
She has called Dr office once or twice, too.

We just kept that note with step-mom. Not sure if there is a form for it at a dr office or not.