Lesson on Joy tonight at FA

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by exhausted, Mar 14, 2012.

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    It was nice meeting tonight. We read an article written by a mother who has been through pure he)) for many years with her son. She finially really took to heart what she had learned in 12 step for years. She focused on gratitude and what her passions and interests were and began to make them happen. Very simple things-but did something every day-even through low spots.

    She explained that nothing she had done had made a difference. Years of dire natural consequences, and more rehabs than she can even remember (wow! what a die-hard). She even said the consequences she chose to hold onto made no difference. She had to let go and let God.

    The results are that she has found joy again by focusing on herself and what she needs to do.

    I needed to hear that because I still desperately hope that something we do that is "parent like", will motivate difficult child to bust a move and desire a better life.

    I do go to my choir every week. I go to FA. I love my job-its more than a job, it is deaply fullfilling despite the difficulty. But joy??? I need to actively pursue it. I need to bust a move and desire a better life! I can do it, I am not hampered by mental illness or by addiction. I have choices. Gonna talk myself through this this week!
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    I'm glad that your FA meetings are helpful. I think concentrating on ourselves and finding joy in our lives despite the trials and tribulations of having a difficult child is very important.

    Good for you!

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    I don't know what an FA meeting is but, absolutely, you concentrate on yourself! You go and live the life you've imagined. Bust a move...and put on your glitter and high heels if you like. I'm going to paint my nails neon pink today. So what if I'm 45? What are you going to do for yourself today.....for those of you reading this?
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    YOU GO GIRL! I need to bust a move too!