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    So if you remember difficult child was a cheerleader at school until she moved out. She told everyone within earshot that she hated it and that I forced her to do it. Even after I encouraged her to quit this year. She has refused to attend any gymastics classes to improve her skills for the last two years and has in general made cheerleading hell for me. I was almost relieved when she quit.

    Anyway about two weeks ago husband called her and told her about some military benefits she would get from him while in college. Basically her first year is free and everything will be paid for. Problem is years two-completion will not be. He was encouraging her to apply for scholarships and to put them in savings for coming years. She will also get much more than she needs for housing and monthly bills so he was suggesting she put some of that back as well. He also mentioned that she might be able to get a small scholarship for cheerleading if she wanted to and if she made the team. She said she didn't think she would make the team because she would have been out of gymnastics/cheer for so long. husband told her we would pay for her to attend gymnastics as long as she let us know how much it was per month and let us approve the amount prior to signing up.

    Of course we dont hear anything back. Two days ago she posted on Facebook "landed my layout!" I almost rolled in the floor laughing! I mean seriously she hates gymnastics and cheerleading and the only reason she ever did it was because mean old mom made her. Now she has apparently signed up for a tumbling class and is paying for it herself (or possibly her grands are).

    Wonder how long it will take her to twist this into my fault when I am 2 hours away and have little to no contact with her.
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    probably not long. gosh!
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    Oh Gosh!
  4. TerryJ2

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    Oh, my!
    We'll be sitting and waiting with you ...
  5. Rabbit

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    Are u sure your difficult child and my difficult child are not related? Sending Hugs Rabbit
  6. Bunny

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    Wow! I'm sure it won't take long for her to lay the blame at your feet.
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    Sounds familiar...
  8. dstc_99

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    LOL I refuse to acknowledge it! If she brings it up at the therapist I will just pretend I know nothing. Of course we will have to see if she ever makes an appointment with the therapist. I just found the whole thing hilarious.
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    I think all of our difficult children are related. I give it 2 sessions before it somehow turns into your fault. difficult child once blamed me for her horse acting up. Yep. I am so good that I can control animal behavior. (the weather too.)
  10. Hound dog

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    If she tries to lay this at your feet.........

    LAUGH at her. Seriously. Full belly gut splitting laugh.

    I've reacted to my kids this way on occasions.......they got the idea immediately.