Letters to the Estranged

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    Thanks, Witz. Well, we had him since he was six years old, but it was already too late, I guess. And the prayer was not a forgiving prayer. Basically he said he wants to forgive me, but it's so hard. (Why? He was never abused. In fact, he was treated really well).

    Well, that part of my life is over. I have detached and no longer consider him my child...he is not the little boy I knew and he doesn't want to be a part of my life. I have four other kids and a husband and don't want my life to be ruined because of his heartlessness. The closing meeting, however, was necessary so I could see exactly what he has become and where we stood with each other. I have not heard a word from him since that meeting and have not sent him any letters or tried to contact him, nor will I ever.
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    in my humble opinion, he was taking advantage of God to say such a prayer. It's blasphemous and unholy. Then again, I haven't been to church in 30 years... Maybe I'm a little unforgiving myself. ;)

    Ya know - you meant well. He apparently turned out well other than that he is an ungrateful brat to you. You did well for him. That part of your life is indeed over, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. I'm proud of you for recognizing your peace.