Life of a parent of a young alcoholic.


In a word...or three..ALWAYS ON EDGE!

Every time they step out of that door with money in their fear the worst!
Knots in stomach, a feeling of dread. He will be late tonight *actually, he is now*, curfew cops could show anytime. Yes, I could call but that puts me in the line of fire to testify against him, I'd prefer HE hang himself if it's gonna happen.
I'm so worried ALL THE TIME!
Every day I see that young man...he's sober and he's GOOD. Almost every night, I see that addict that I wish I had never met.
Just needed to ramble.



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Aww Wendy, I know that sick feeling when they are late or when they are getting ready to go out or when the phone rings or any number of things that means they will probably come home drunk. I'm glad you came here to vent. I got to the point where I hated weekends or holidays and then I began hating every day.

How old is your son?


Thank you Nancy.
He's 18.
He's actually doing very well. Well, compared to the way he behaved before he turned 18 which was only two months ago but that's a long time for him.
He's going to addictions services (court ordered) but still dabbling.
The saying goes "once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic", same goes for their parents. We will ALWAYS be the parents of alcoholics.

Frustrated but hopeful


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Yes so true.... same is true of drug addicts. My son is no longer living at home but is currently in a program.... but I sense when things are getting iffy. Right now he seems to not be communicating with me even though I see him on FB and have sent him a couple of messages. History tells me this is not a good sign.... but I dont really know. I hope it is just that he is a 22 year old young man, not living at home, who does not want to have to keep tabs with his mother.....but I am guessing he doesnt have anything good to tell me so he is not telling me anything!!!!

The only thing we can do as parents of addicts is to do what we can to take care of ourselves, live our own lives and in the process let them know we love them.


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