Life Twists Yet Again (not sure if it's good or bad) LOL

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    In my update on Nichole I mentioned she has stopped using hormonal birth control.


    She's about to have everything she's been learning tested.

    She had spotted just barely (faint hint) the past 2 months. She ignored it, it's happened before. Then she started getting horribly sick at certain smells, riding in the car ect. Finally she took a preg test. She brought it to me the moment she got the result, said it took her less than 4 mins to get here. lol

    It was positive. She got into the doctor had a blood test done, it too was positive. boyfriend is ok with it....she is ok with it. She said boyfriend took it well........tons better than he had with aubrey. Well that wouldn't have been hard to manage. lol

    She has only told me and easy child and her boyfriend. They will be telling boyfriend's parents once they're settled in their new apartment only because his Mom the Drama Queen will make a huge deal. Aubrey will not be told for quite a while due to the spotting especially. The cause is unknown at this point. Monday Nichole goes to have the hgc hormone level checked to see if it is where it should be. She will be checked again the next day to see if it is increasing as it should. At the moment activity starts the's still not much. But I told her to get down and stay down as much as possible for right now.

    The spotting may or may not be a big deal. I spotted fairly heavy for 4 months with Travis anytime I got on my feet more than 5 mins. But I also had lower back pain and cramps with it too, which she does not have.

    So the test??

    Many of you may remember the hormonal/emotional OMG nightmare that was the last pregnancy. It was 9 long months of hades.

    That doesn't mean it will happen again. So far she is fine. She is also older and more mature. This time there won't be the abrupt stoppage of medications because she's not been on them for several years. They are in a good position financially with boyfriend's job. The new apartment has plenty of room. She will stay on welfare insurance as his doesn't kick in for 4 months.

    I am happy for her. Aubrey is 4 and will be 5 when the new baby comes. But there is that part of me that can't help but worry. I don't want to see a return to the 15-16 yr old difficult child that has been gone for such a long time. I doubt it will happen. There were so many things that factored into the hades of the last pregnancy........and those things don't exist this time.

    But still ya know?? That old fear likes to just sneak up and bite you every once in a while.:tongue:

    So anyway........this new little one is due right about my birthday. lol
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    Oh boy. I can understand the mixed feelings. It sounds like she has a good handle on things for now, and has a good "plan." I pray that there is no repeat of the moods of the first pregnancy!
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    On one hand...what a great birthday present, Nana!

    On the Saying prayers that all goes well!
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    I can understand the mixed feelings and the apprehension, but it could be a lot worse! Like you said, they're both older and more mature now, boyfriend is out of school and has a decent job, they both seem to have their heads on a lot straighter now and their relationship doesn't seem to be nearly as volatile as it once was. They've grown up a lot and learned from their experiences. I'm very happy for them and for you and sending best wishes that all goes well for her!
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    Sending you all hugs, and lots of good vibes and prayers for Nichole!!!
  6. Hound dog

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    Well, much to Nichole's disappointment..........she is miscarrying the pregnancy. Friday until midnight we were in the ER (at hospital where easy child works....not our joke of a hospital) Nichole was cramping terribly and had started to pass clots. I'm glad she had the good sense to call me.

    Due to the spotting the OB (also her fam doctor) had had her come in to have to hormone levels checked again. This was done at the same hospital. Which gave the doctor who was caring for her access to the results even though OB didn't have them yet himself. She did a pelvic....her cervix was still within normal limits of closed. She snatched an old ultrasound machine that really at this stage could only show if there was still material in the was a long shot it might show the fetus. As of friday night there was still fetal material (no way to tell if the heart was beating or not) in the uterus. They did another hormone level on her. And compared it to the one done a couple days prior. It had fallen slightly.

    doctor was straight with her and did well explaining things so that she could understand. Odds are high she is miscarrying. But there is a teeny weeny itsy bitsy chance she won't. It's all going to depend on those hormone levels. Which I'm taking her to have checked again thursday........and they'll probably do another ultrasound to see if a D&C is necessary,.

    I must say Nichole is taking it well. She's sad about it......but not more than one would expect, and actually better than most. She's cried over it and let it go. She is not even considering the possibility the pregnancy will continue. Which honestly, is probably the best position to take.

    In fact she's more worried about a D&C being necessary than anything at this point.

    And I found out that about a year ago she had also had a miscarriage at about the same stage. It was not too long after she'd stopped the depo shot........and she told me she hadn't said anything because she figured that getting pregnant so soon after coming off the shot was not a good thing and there was probably something wrong with the fetus that caused it to happen.

    Poor kid. A hard thing to go through, but I am glad that since it had to happen at least it happened very early.
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    Poor Nichole. It does sound like she's handling it extremely well, as are you.
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    I'm sorry momma. Hugs to you and Nichole.
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    Aw, gentle hugs. So many turbulent emotions over a short period of time. I hope it all goes well and a D&C can be avoided.