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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Abbey, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Abbey

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    ha...don't even know where to begin.

    My job search is REALLY wearing me down. It's taking it's toll in many ways. I'm working the business with husband, but I swear it will cost us our marriage. We did a big job last night that went very well, but in the end I wanted to strangle him.

    Talked to a good friend of mine who is a CEO of a major casino chain and he said things were not just slow, they were at a freeze here. Not good news.:pouting:

    Did get offered one job, but it requires me to carry a gun. A GUN???

    Then, yesterday I get a call from....(drum roll here) the Dr. Phil show. My easy child daughter evidently wrote into him about her weight issue. They want me to go on the show with her for a 'bikini makeover' show. Keep in mind that she's gained over 100 pounds this last year. They wanted my input on why she has gained so much weight. Well, beside the genetic factor that has plagued her all her life, I didn't talk about the abusive boyfriend who she is still with, etc. Called daughter, said I'd be more than happy to go with her on the show, but I don't want it to be a showing of dirty laundry on national TV.

    Let's see..what else. easy child son, who is the captain of his swim team can't swim this year because he can't pass the physical. His eyes are so bad. Spent hundreds of dollars (keep in mind I have no job, no insurance) on getting him the right glasses/contacts. Still can't pass the eye test. He never mentioned that he can't see. Tried several different places, but they all say the same.

    Bottom line is that I live for the end of the day. I watch the clock until it's 9pm and jump in bed. I know my depression is in major mode.

    Okay...I can't even get off a soap box right now, but I'll stop venting.

  2. DammitJanet

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    Now onto the Dr Phil show. You just have to tell us when it is going to be aired so we can all tune in. That sounds like something interesting to say the
  3. Hound dog

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    (((hugs))) for the job hunt. Nothing in the world more frustrating except maybe a difficult child, I swear. Have you tried temp companies? If it weren't for them, husband would've never realized that his skills qualified him for lab jobs across several major industries like pharmacuticals, plastics, petrolium, and now with Kayo. He's even worked at Kodak. Turns out they all use the same equipment for quality control. (imagine)

    Sorry to hear about easy child's vision. Travis would lose huge chunks of vision at a time. Go from 20/40 to 20/100 to 20/200....... and never say a thing. I'd get sooooo frustrated. Talking with a visiual Occupational Therapist (OT) helped, he said most people don't realize just how bad their vision is because it becomes "normal" for them. I still don't get complaints from Travis with his vision. Although he did come to me the other day and told me he's lost all color vision in the right eye now. (so he's saving up to go see the eye doctor again)

    As for the Dr. Phil show.........Well, they do have to pay you to show up. lol Wonder if you could put it on your resume. lmao Sounds like it could be fun. But if you guys go on you know you have to tell us when it will air.:tongue:

    Sending major ((((hugs))))
  4. busywend

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    Yuck! Hoping for things to turn around soon. You can not go on like this for too long!

  5. Star*

    Star* call 911 have bad feet. :tongue:


    You know - I love your sense of humor through all this. Seriously - what you are living through would have cracked a lesser egg - but you? YOU are a shining example of Thomas the train - I think i can, I think I can, I know I can I know I can. And I really just wanted to say - I love ya and your I know I can candor.

    If you get on Dr. Phil - I'm taking the TV to work!
  6. Abbey

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    Yeah...forgot about the feet. Also the broken nose. I could be a super model!!

    Trust me, if Dr. Phil comes through, I'll let you all know. It's a tad scary.

    In a weird way, I went through this media thing when Columbine happened. This site went to having probably 5000 visiters a day to over a million. (THAT was a nice chunk of change.) You couldn't name a news organization, talk show host, that didn't contact me when I owned the site. But, their intentions were not was obvious. They always wanted something underneath. Hard to describe. They wanted to talk about the tradgey, but what they really wanted was my personal experience with a difficult child. I was not willing to do that.

    Temp agency denied me. Overqualified. Geez... I'd gladly be a checker at Target.

    Anyways...another day. Off to get easy child son to another eye doctor.

  7. everywoman

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    Hope things get better quickly. It's always hard when the **** keeps coming!
  8. hearts and roses

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    {{{abbey}}} I hope the job thing turns around real soon. That really bites. Everyone I know looking for work is having a hard time, things are at a standstill (mostly because it's an election year I've been told).

    Be careful with the Dr Phil people - he may be a nice enough man, but he's in business to make money, Know what I mean?? You don't want to be exploited and it may be that when your daughter wrote into his producers, she may not have realized what she was signing up for. Not to dissuade you, of course, but you know, just be careful. ♥

    I am in a funk, have been for over a month. I'me struggling with the WellbutrinXL 150 and I can't go up any higher or I get crazy headaches and can't sleep, so I'm just trying to maintain. Day by Day...and now I'm coming into my wacky pms-zone. The next few days should be a real blast. I have an echo coming up, loads of bloodwork, and then a nice pelvic ultrasound just for hahas.

    My DR recommended a tanning booth - and it does help. Would you be able to do that?
  9. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Thank you, all. I'm just in a real funk not just right now but for a long time. I guess I'm just a difficult child in late life. I really do not tolerate medications well. Have tried a few, but none worked out. Haven't found a doctor that really is interested in working it out either. Now, with no insurance I'm on my own.

    So, left with our crazy lifestyle. (Try doing an event at Hardrock Casino for 700 people. Fun...but a LOT of work and stress.) I want out of it. I'm tired of putting on the happy face.

    Had a situation happen that left me with some physical issues that are a daily reminder of the incident. That doesn't help.

    It just seems that at 47 life should be easier. I guess mamma told me wrong.:tongue:

    On a positive note, easy child son seems to have his vision thing on the right road. When they put in the new contacts he was like..."Oh, my Gosh...I can see!!" Makes me feel bad that I didn't see this earlier.

  10. Sue C

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    Abbey -- I've been off the Board a few days. What happened with the 2 job offers you got on the same day recently????