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    You know I used to get light bulbs that really did last a long period of time before going out. I admit that the past year or so I tried to buy the least expensive brand of most things to save money, but then I realized that my light bulbs were going out every few weeks instead of lasting months. So, I go shopping for more bulbs and about the only ones I could find were these energy savers that turned out to be 52 watts instead of 60 watts yet I'd still have to pay the same price as for a 60 watt. But the part that really gets to me is that I'm still having to change them every few weeks. What's the deal here? I think that energy saving concept is bogus when it comes to light bulbs- I might be saving energy by being forced to use a 52 instead of a 60 but it's costing me twice as much to get less.
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    If you follow the deals at CVS and Riteaid you will get bulbs free, I do!
    At Target you can stack a manufacturer coup with a Target coup. They sometimes have GE ones on the Target site.
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    You need to check with your power company. Some offer free lightbulbs in the newer energy saver type or they offer packs of them at a reduced rate.

    Now it can confuse you as to what wattage you really need because you get like a 13 or 24 or something and we normally think of 60 or 75 watt lightbulb. Its a much lower rating for these new ones but same lighting.
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    ok, but shouldn't they last a "normal" length of time? I feel like I'm getting ripped off- same price for less wattage AND I'm buying them every time I turn around. I know it's winter/darker this time of year but I'm being careful to keep unnecessary lights off due to the increased cost of power. I'm just venting as I make my grocery list- that includes having to buy light bulbs in 3 different wattages. I've tried walmart's cheapest, GE and revel and they all are burning out very quickly. I have one fixture in the house that has always done this but the other's never did before the past few months.

    I'm just venting...
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    Are you talking about the twisty kind?

    My twisty ones dont burn out for a long time and I think I have a short somewhere in the house. Now regular incandescent bulbs I go through faster than what I think is normal. But Cory and I split a pack from my electric company maybe 9 months or so ago and I havent had to replace any of them yet. Or wait, yes I did one but that was because we dropped it.
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    I haven't tried the twisty kind yet- do you like them? Will they fit in the glass cover piece that most residential fixtures have- like in the hallway?
  7. DammitJanet

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    This is your problem.

    They now have the fluorescent bulbs in all the sizes you need. You just have to go to walmart and figure out what kind and size it is. Take one with you. For regular bulbs, the cheapest ones are fine. Like I said for those, check the power company first, they may have a free program. Is it still vepco? Might not be anymore. Just call and ask. I know Progress does free bulbs. My place does discounted price.

    Walmart has them fairly cheap for regulars, not sure how much the specialty ones for chandeliers are. They also have three-ways for dimmers.
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    My bulbs still last for months, and I'm still using the old-fashioned kind (although I bought the fluorescent ones to have on hand). Other than my outdoor porchlight, that seems to only go a few weeks.

    Years ago I bought some bulbs from a program for the handicapped, some fundraiser... they were supposed to last years, and they did. They were pricey, but did what they were advertised to do. I don't know if they're still around, though.
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    Definitely check with the power co. We have an electric coop and a year ago they had us fill out a form with EVERY light bulb in the house, even the recessed ceiling ones and lamps. Then we picked up the new flourescent bulbs FREE, one for EVERY fixture. We still haven't used them all because we had just replaced light bulbs and my kids HATE having the lights on (LOTS of windows).

    Even with-o that, go and spend the $$ for the new flourescent bulbs. They will last for years.
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    I have some flourescent (twisty) bulbs that've been going for nearly five years now. They are spendy, but not only do they cut down on energy bills; they also save money by not having to replace them so often.

    When these bulbs first came out, husband and I spent an infant fortune on replacing every bulb in our house with them. It literally cut nearly 20% off our electric bill.
  11. klmno

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    Ok- I'll try replacing them with flourescent little by little since they cost so much. I looked at them tonday and they really look too large to fit under the globes but maybe it's just perception.
  12. GoingNorth

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    Check for the flourescents they now have out that are shaped sort of like regular incandescent bulbs. These work just as well, and fit much better in some fixtures, especially lamps.
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    You may want to have the wiring checked in your lamps, just to be on the safe side. Make sure the inner part of the light fixture is clean before you put in a new light bulb.
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    I don't nkow about the US, but here in canada I have lately seen them in our Dollarama stores. They are eithere $2 or $1 depending on the particular bulb. they are carrying all sizes, wattages and shapes. Oh, I'm talking the twisty saver bulbs by the way. We are going to have a new law soon banning the regular light bulbs.

    Anyhow, at our dollar store, the brands are the same as a hardware store or walmart etc carry. And the neat thing? They have bulbs that are short and stubby etc. This allows globes to still fit over the bulbs ,perfect for ceiling fans, recessed lights, lamps, etc. Can't beat the price either! And they do last so much longer than normal bulbs as well as costing less on your monthly bill.