liMaybe the light is slowly dawning for difficult child#1


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I have had a couple of good chuckles at the expense of difficult child#1 in the last week.
He is still working at Amigo's (this for a computer genius with an IQ around 150) and he is living with a real loser with two kids (no, I don't say anything to him about it) but he is supporting himself, not in jail, taking his medications, and getting along so that is better than he has done most of his life and I will not do anything to rock his boat. It helps that he lives an hour and a half from here. :smile:
Anyway, his girlfriend called me up and wanted a recipe for potatoes "like you used to make." difficult child was raving about how good they were. That was a big joke because the whole time he lived here he never liked anything I made and complained about my cooking incessantly. :rofl:
Then he was talking to my mother about difficult child #2's wife. She did have a horrible family and a bad childhood but now she is doing better than difficult child#2 as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, difficult child#1 was ranting and raving about her and said, "You can't believe how she was brought up! You can't believe how those people live." So that leads me to think that maybe he is beginning to realize that the way he was raised was not so bad after all. Do you suppose he's really developing a small amount of sense at the ripe old age of almost 23? :wink:


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One can only hope the lightbulb is finally firing up!!!!! Its amazing how much smarter YOU get when they are on their own and they gain a little perspective.......


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>It would be nice if difficult child 1 actually said something nice to you. I don't know if the light is turning on but you have to hope so.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> It helps that he lives an hour and a half from here. :smile: </div></div>

I'll drink to that! :smile:

What a nice update, Nan.



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Aw, it must be nice to know he liked your potatoes. My difficult child HATES everything I make, too. But, stepmom can do no wrong in the kitchen. Then she wonders why I do not cook her dinner?!

I am glad that he lives a bit away - must make it easier!
I wish my difficult child would think that! It would be nice for him to recognize what we have tried to give him. What a life he had. I hope he lives to come back to it. :smile:


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Good to hear that you are in a good place as far as your difficult child is concerned.
I wouldnt read too much into him talking aboiut his siblings wife as acknolwedgement for the positive side. My difficult child would do this with his sister, so it made him feel better, get the spotlight off of him, nothing more deep than that.