Links with more specifics about what causes early teen sex/problems

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MidwestMom, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Here's a few much more explicit articles. The first article fascinated me. It's a study showing that early sex does NOT lead to delinquency. Obviously, it's not the only study, but I thought that early sex meant a risk taking child who would be more apt to get into trouble in other aspects of society...anyhow, enjoy.
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    Interesting articles. Thanks for posting them.
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    I am curious what age is considered early???? Compassion
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    I'm curious about that, too, Compassion. I live in VA and the age of consent is 13 yo.

    Anyway, thanks MWM!! Just please don't show that first article to my difficult child!!
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    13 is the age of consent???? Wow. It's 16 here. I think they mean early teens--12-15 is my guess. Maybe 12-14. The average age of "doing it" in the US is 16.
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    I think 15 yo is young- I can't imagine (or I don't want to) kids younger than that. Although, a girl I went to elementary school with got pregnant at 13, delivered at 14, married the 22 yo that got her pregnant and they are still married. Although, they've satyed together through times that most people would have divorced.
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    I know for a fact that the new thing for middle schoolers is oral sex. And girls are having sex earlier and earlier. That's why I'm doing all this reading.
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    Yeah- I've heard that, too. It's frightening- especially when I have a difficult child who gets compulsive about seeking out porn when he isn't stable. I just want to prevent him from finding someone who'll go along with any urge as long as I can. So far, he talks to me about desires, but doesn't seem quite brave enough yet to actually pursue action with someone- yet. (Thank goodness) But, I'm aware enough to know that when he's not stable (like now), his otherwise good-hearted intentions fly out the window- cause, you know, he knows everything, can do everything, is best at everything, it's no big deal- he'll never get caught up in something again, he's too smart to make a stupid move again, yadda yadda.....
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    Sex definitely does not cause early delinquency. Remember your high school years? If you were a delinquent, you did whatever you wanted... If you were a good kid and had sex, you were a good kid and had sex. Big ****** deal.

    And at the same time, my sister's daughter lost her virginity apparently at the age of 14... and the boyfriend and her stayed together for 4 years! I think even a bit through their early college months, too. She was perfectly honest with the family about it and it shocked us all, I remember, but I suppose when someone young can do something risky RIGHT, then they should be allowed to carry on. And my sister, after getting over her initial melt-down, went to the drugstore and brought home an industrial size box of condoms to stuff in the closet. They've never had another falling out.