Linus update (easy child's rat)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mattsmom277, Sep 8, 2009.

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    Thank you all for your suggestions about helping Linus with his suspected ear infection.

    We babied him. Hand fed him. Hand watered him. Snuggled him within an inch of his life. Kept him away from all drafts, fans, air conditioning. We gave him garlic (which he now won't touch but he ate like a fiend without problems initially and I think it helped). We made a salt water wash for his ears and cleaned them a couple of times a day (he didn't squirm or get irritated at that).

    He went from being unable to stand, simply flopping around over and over again, unable to drink or eat on his own or walk. Now he is running about his cage, playing with his toys, nest building, eating, hoarding his treasures, nose kissing the cat through the bars, using his ramp and even caught him last night climbing his cage bars :)

    He still has a head tilt and can teeter off balance from time to time, but each day he improves.

    And the upside, all that hands on care taking has made him a real snuggle bug. He comes straight to the cage door now when you open it and right into your hand to come out.

    The cat is loving him. Not trying to hunt him. Last night I was cross legged on the couch, pillow on my lap with Linus snuggling up in crook of my arm with the odd little spin about the pillow. Cat curled up beside the pillow and eventually up on the pillow. He watched Linus with curious eyes, licked him once, then promptly went to sleep on the pillow about 3 inches away from Linus. I think they are "friends".

    easy child has finally stopped coming home from school or her fathers and asking if Linus died. PHEW!!! She's being a good caretaker too. I'm surprised that she's so attentive. :)
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    I'm glad he's better. I've had pet rats and they really do make wonderful pets. It always amazed me how loving they can be.