Lip coloring.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Aug 25, 2008.

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    I was up in the early morning hours and happened to come across a TV show. I popped in the middle of the show, but they said some very interesting things.

    (what they do to the stars)

    They showed taking a small amount of vaseline on a Q-tip, and rolling it in cinniman (sp?) putting it on your lips. Didn't get the story on this.

    Then they showed taking a toothbrush and dipping it in sugar and lightly brushing across your lips. Leaving it there for a few minutes. I believe they said it stimulates something making your lips puff up a bit for form.

    Then...this next tip I have to try. You put lipstick on and it fades away in hours. What they do with the stars is after they do the sugar thing they take a Q-tip with a little vaseline on it and roll it in JELLO. put that on the lips. It dyes the lips so the color stays. I like that.

    Then they talked to a doctor on the effects of Caffene(sp?). It is suppose to dehydrate so rubbing coffee over your body can dehydrate the cellulite. The doctor smiled and said he would suggest rubbing Chocolate all over your body....LOL Maybe the coffee will give you the sun tan look too.
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    Very interesting. Jess has been known to use blue kool aid to stain her lips. She figured if it stains your tongue, then it might be useful for Halloween, LOL.

    I have used cinnamon, also used those mineral eyeshadows and blushes and foundations. If you put a brush in clear nailpolish then into the mineral or spice it makes really great nail polish.

    I may try the jello.

    I think husband woudl be FAR more interested if I used peanut butter. he is not into chocolatel

    I know. Back to my corner. Can I move my corner over by Star??
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    Interesting. Not sure how the family would feel about coffee rubbing.

  4. susiestar

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    Hey, maybe if I did a pnut butter rub husband would then help me enjoy a couples shower? He just really isn't into chocolate or coffee. does pnut butter help cellulite?

    Bacvk to my corner.
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    Oh I had a question. Is it raw or used coffee grounds? I don't know why but doing my errands today I got to thinking about this.

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    Some of the kids use kool aid to stain streaks into their hair. Not recommended if your hair is processed in any way...the kool aid color might become permanent!