List of 10 most profitable drugs

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    Fascinating...several of those are used at my house as well.
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    Do you even wonder if we have too many drugs to treat too many things? Surely lifestyle changes could help eliminate some of these things. But it is so much easier to take a pill than to change a lifestyle, I guess. The side effects on some of these are horrible. Advair has a terrible record for long term use. And the pediatricians here are adamant that it is the best medication so they don't ever suggest other medications with better long term records. Even for kids that they will have on this medication for a decade or more. I am having fits with thank you's doctor over this. Advair isn't especially helpful and I will only give it to him in the spring and summer months. Sometimes into fall, but rarely. I know it is more effective if taken all the time, but the side effects are too dangerous. doctor and I are "discussing" this. In a few more months I will win.

    Anyway, I thought it was an interesting note on life today that there are so many cholesterol and gastritis medications on the list.
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    Thanks, Susie! Fascinating! Actually, my ex-hub, who is now my friend :tongue:, has lowered his blood pressure and pretty much controlled his diabetes with diet and exercise. He is off blood pressure and diabetes pills. Maybe if doctors said, "Let's try a lifestyle change first" more people would be able to pass on the drugs. I get really angry at how influential the drug companies are, especially regarding our push to get everybody insured. The drug companies are so influential with politicians on both sides of the aisle that they help keep so many millions of Americans uninsured. Infuriates me.
    I also get angry when I see a medication advertised on television. I think that should be banned. I don't think any other country allows drugs to be advertized on the tube, and I find it appalling. I heard just recently on NPR that doctors are hearing, "Hi. I came here to get Prozac" (example) because of all the advertising. This, in spite of the fact that half the commercial is filled with all of the drug's horrific side effects.
    I do dislike the drug companies. Whenever I can, I use generics.
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    I go for medications that have fairly decent safety record regarding side effects. Many drugs either have hidden studies or no studies that really illustrate their safety, in spite of the FDA.

    Take Advair. It should ONLY be given if other medications fail. It is a combination of 2 medications in a powder form that is inhaled. It is proven to have serious long term risks. It is given to children. MOST kids under 6 or even 8 can not inhale forcefully enough that the medications get to the lungs. And if you do not take a drink or gargle immediately after using advair you get long term damage to the vocal cords.

    Some of this is said on the tv commercials. MOST is not said. I think they should also be banned. Esp the ones that don't tell you outright what the drug is, or is for. If they tell you about the benefits they are required to tell you about the side effects. Some companies have adds that just say "Ask your doctor about XXX medication." and don't tell you what it is for. That way you ask the doctor for it even if you don't have that medical problem.

    I look for docs who do NOT have drug company stuff laying around. The first psychiatrist we had didn't rx certain medications because they hadn't been used by enough other docs that she knew. She waited to see benefits and risks in other docs' patients before she jumped on the bandwagon. She also refused to use anything provided by a drug co. She turned down wonderful conference trips organized by drug companies, "continuing ed seminars" that were all about using some medication and really were not continuing ed but long term advertisements for specific medications. She didn't even let her secretary and receptionist use drug co pens or tissues or hand sanitizer. She bought all those things. The staff could take the drug co stuff home, but could NOT speak to her about the drugs or use the items at work.

    I admired that. I wish more docs were like that. When they first started pushing Zyprexa to fix everything I had a doctor give me samples and a written rx. It was ALL too high a dose for starting out. It also does NOT treat migraines, even though the doctor told me it would prevent them. I almost DIED from the first dose. The doctor said I misused it, but I had the rx that proved he gave me too high a dose. It was enough that the medical board investigated him and within 6 months his long time friends kicked him out of the practice they started.
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    Very interesting! Thank you.
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    I agree, very interesting indeed.
    Thank you from me as well.