Literally thinking..,


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I sent Difficult Child (age19) a FB post of someone wanting to hire someone part time to help with an autistic child in their home. The ad read "must be 18+". She wrote back "sounds good, but I am not 18." Sigh...

I messaged her back that the "+" meant 18 and over. Sigh... Again...

She is really good with kids, even special ones. I doubt that she even followed up on it...



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It sounds like a really good fit for her.

I hope she will take the opportunity, which could lead her into possibly later on working for the school system if she decides she like that type of work.

My brother sometimes displays that literal thinking.

A while back, he was arguing with his wife that my girls had to be a year older than their daughter, because mine were born in one year and his was born the next. He had a hard time grasping that mine were born in December and his was born in January, hence, two different years, but onlay one month apart in age, not a year.


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The whole time arena seems to confound many of our loved ones with mental and/or cognitive issues. My son is 20 and still has problems with the concept of getting places on time. If the appointment is at 4 it means be there at 4 not leave where you are at 4 to get there.