Little Boys!

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    Wanted to share a funny (compared to all my crazy posts).

    My Youngest called me this morning, she was giving my grandson a bath.

    She was laughing. She said, "I just had to tell you, Aidan just discovered his wiener. He keeps pulling on it. He's mad it won't come off."

    LOL! The things I missed, raising two girls :)
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    I raised boys - tell her once they find it - it's THEIRS for life.
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    LMAO...oh yeah I remember those days well.
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    When pcson was about 5 months, he again was at my grandparents' house. My grandmother was changing him and the phone rang. She laid him on the floor naked. The phone call was from Bishop Bethea---the leader of the South Carolina Methodist Church. He found himself and looked really confused. My grandmother got tickled and then was embarassed because she could not tell Bishop what she was laughing at.

    PCson was born in 1982, the height of the day care sex abuse scandals. I taught him early that no one was to touch his private parts. He was about 3 and had gone to my grandparents for the weekend. My grandmother was giving him a bath and went to wash his bottom and he started screaming at the top of his lungs---"No! Those are mine. Only me can touch there." Scared both granny and poppa to death. Then they laughed later when telling me.