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  1. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    We have our psychiatrist apt in 2 weeks. We had to cancel her last one due to visiting family. So it has been 5 weeks, which is not good.

    She has started a social group at school!!! How cool. Her and another from her class. It is some from all of the classes, they meet once a week during lunch. So far it is really nice for her, they teach how to make friends, how to play games, sports, how to be competitive, non-competitive... She has had some issues with classmates and her personal space, asking for her own time etc. "She is driving me crazy" Not knowing what is appropriate!
    They have requested a evaluation for fine and gross motor skills. WOW! I am not really sure what this entails as far as School testing. I know what each means, to me! LOL But as far as what an actual SD would be looking for?
    Her teacher did mention Adaptive PE.

    She just received her first quarter report card. E being the top and S right below. I guess the first quarter is all kind of basic. Teacher said she mostly gives S's. Unless child is doing really poorly, then S-.
    K got all S's and S+. She got an E in Spanish!!! I am so proud of her! She is also the top reader in her class.
    Her academics were of a bit of a concern, only because Idaho's standards were so much lower than Arizona's. We didn't know if she would struggle.
    Even though her IQ is very high, with Cognitive Dulling, frustrations etc. You never know. I would like her to at least get a good start.

    She started piano lessons 2 weeks ago! It is pretty funny to watch! She can not sit still, it is sooo painfully hard to keep my mouth shut.
    But the teacher is very off the wall bizarre. She is goofy and is OK with K not sitting still the whole time. She was pretty impressed by how much K did remember on her second class. We do not have a piano.
    So husband actually found one today on Craigslist for 50$!!! Not a full length one. But it was for a little girl just starting. We figure she can start on this and maybe the Grandparents can upgrade her with time. The teacher was very pushy about it being full length. My friend who builds and plays piano up in Idaho agreed. But this was a great deal!!! This is 61 keys I believe. It will do!
    We are also still trying to get her back in horse therapy.
    Her therapist is great! She wants us to be in Horse Therapy or something extra-curricular.
    This is all great but these things cost money! Her piano is only 12 a week, which is nice. But horse, therapist, psychiatrist.
    We also had to start N in Gymnastics to help her feel normal. She has begging for something for herself. More $$$

    We are moving forward slowly.

    But K is slipping, I don't know if it is seasonal, her medications need adjusting, the honeymoon of the move and new school is over, she is growing/changing, also we started the new Nasal medications.
    It could be a variance of any and all of these things!
    So hard to tell.
    Increasing violence, slipping from reality, less sleep, oppositional, HYPER, homework refusal is starting, angers so easily. She has never stopped hallucinating.

    Anyways just an update, lots of good things with some bad as usual.
    Lots of little things that add up to stress for husband and me.
    Thanks for reading up on us!!!
  2. TerryJ2

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    Oh, my, quite an update! The grades sound good. I always enjoyed Spanish.

    I was reading along just fine until I got to the part where you said "She never stopped hallucinating." Sigh.

    It sounds like she does pretty well in school and with-her piano, though. Are those distractions of a sort, where she can focus her attention? Or does she hallucinate during those as well?

    Does she like her new home, overall?

    I hope gymnastics helps with-N. Sounds like a good idea. It's so hard when you've got one who's older and getting so much attention.

    Thanks for the update!
  3. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I think she is doing very well, and YOU are doing amazingly to support her with those issues through all of that. I am sorry she never stopped hallucinating. What kinds of things is she hallucinating?

    Maybe when you get into a routine with everything she will improve? I inow you just started some things, and had visitors, and that is all good, but it does mean a change in routine. I know my kids had problems when the routine changed.

    Glad N has an activity, but I totally know the $$ worries. Piano lessons here are more like $30 a week, so if your teacher is any good, keep her!LOL!

    How are YOU doing? Are you making some time for you? Recharge time? Remembering date time with your hubby? It can be hard with the move, adjusting with the kids, everything to remember those things.


  4. smallworld

    smallworld Moderator

    Toto, it sounds as if you have all made a nice adjustment to Arizona. The services seem to be a lot better than in Idaho.

    Hate to break it to you, but having kids costs a lot of money. Just wait until they're teenagers -- it only gets worse!

    How much Seroquel is K taking? I know she is young, but she may need a hefty dose to stop the hallucinations and to stabilize her mood (plus she may need a mood stabilizer). My son has had to go quite high, and when we tried to lower it this summer, he became oppositional and irritable. So we know we're at the right dose.

    Good luck at the psychiatrist appointment.
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    Do any of the allergy medications have cortisone of any kind in them? Or anything that hypes kids up? I'm asking because I have a mood disorder and prednisone made me totally loopy for the year I took it. Some medications for allergies can cause mania...and hallucinations. I would find out about that possibility before raising the medications.
  6. pepperidge

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    Hi Toto,

    sounds like the school is trying to work with you. See what they have to offer and if you don't like it then you can think about private or pushing the school harder.

    My major piece of advice would be to can homework. She's bright, and will learn. Explain to the teacher. Things are hard enough at home without adding any stressors. Get the medications adjusted and then if things stabilize you can add back in homework.

    My two cents. Hope the psychiatrist appointment goes well!

  7. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    She is only at 125mg of Seroquel if you can believe it! We have been holding fast with this because she was doing OK. And with all of the changes we psychiatrist including felt she needed to get through all of the changes before we added more.
    We will most likely add Lithium next as per our last medication evaluation talk with psychiatrist. Unless anything changes drastically.
    MWM- I had posted about this before, the steroid possibility. Of course doctor's all said don't worry. psychiatrist we have not talked with yet. She is taking, nasal inhalers, they are supposedly lower and less likely to trigger. I have read up on all of it and worried a lot! The Nasonex is a Cortico-Steroid, Astelin is a Anti-histamine.
    Both in my opinion can affect people with mood disorders. JMO
    Who knows?
    These kids...
  8. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    P~ You know what is nice? Her teacher is the one that has a son who has Autism. So she gives out the homework on Monday, all of it. If it gets done so be it, if not OK. If it becomes a problem then she will talk to the parent and work something out. Depending on whether it is a behaviour or actual issue. So far she has fully understood. I never push, if K is OK then we do it. I try to gently push!

    You know the medication merry go round. It is just hard. How high, how low, How many???? What is the medication, what is just life?
  9. Steely

    Steely Active Member

    I am outta wisdom, but wanted to send HUGS.

    I started my own post, with your quotes as the title.
    I too HATE mental illness.:angry-very:

    A zallion prayers being sent your way.

  10. smallworld

    smallworld Moderator

    Seroquel tends to be metabolized faster the longer you take it so it can work at first and then its effectiveness can wear off. J's neuro told us that 200 mg Seroquel is equivalent to 1 mg Risperdal. You can see how very low 125 mg Seroquel really is. I suspect the Seroquel dose is more a problem than the Nasonex or Astelin, but that's JMHO.

    I'm glad the teacher is working so well with K and with you.
  11. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I agree SW. I don't think the Nasonex or Astelin are affecting her, I am just keeping a heads up. I am just aware that thay *can* cause issues with some.
    I do think despite any other attributing factors the Seroquel is at a low level, we are lucky we have made it this far!!!