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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by therese005us, May 29, 2009.

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    My little cherub went home this afternoon. bio mum has already rung me two hours later to say she's having a hard time, cherub messed pants after a shower etc. I tried to reassure her she was a good mum and just need to encourage her daughter and be encouraged. Made a few gentle suggestions with the usual results. Mum is to have her for two weeks now and then see the paed again... i am tipping that it won't last that long, but for her sake I hope she does put the time in.
    So, for those who pray (like me) could you pray for family? and send any suggestions you have for me too please, I'd love to turn the phone off for a fortnight...
    However, I promised I wouldn't.
    I think I'll be ringing most days (she hasn't any credit and it's cheaper than accepting her reverse charge calls.
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    I'm not getting your relationship. Is she a foster child? What is a PAed?
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    Yes, a foster child. And a paediatrician is what I meant.
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    Oh paed - I get it. In the US, they are called peds (pediatrician).

    I'm glad you are encouraging her mom during this trial.
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    Hugs (((()))) and prayers to you, cherub and mom!
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    In the States you leave out letters out of lots of words - the poor English language is reducing!!:D

    About 2 hours after I dropped my cherub off, mum was on the phone telling me she had 'messed up' and how come she doesn't do well for her. I made some subtle suggestions and assured her she was not a bad mother... just keep trying, it's only the first night yet!
    Poor little lamb... no sleep for me for a while as i worry about her.