LMS...how 'bout a really quick update?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DDD, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Just a sentence or two so we know you're doing ok or can starting flying prayers off your way if it has gotten difficult for you, our friend? Hugs DDD
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    You are ever so kind.

    It will have to be quick as there is a SECOND showing for same buyers in one hour. So I will have to leave the house soon.

    Well...Young difficult child had to call 911 Friday night as his middle child, daughter Juliana, stopped breathing after having a seisure. husband "brought her back". It was quite scary for all involved...they thought they had lost her. I was not home at the time But arrived at the hospital to meet up with daughter in law and Juliana as they had ridden in the ambulance.
    Juliana is okay...thank God! The doctors called it a Fibriol (sp) seisure...said it was caused by excessive high temperture. They told daughter in law she MUST put Juliana in a cool bath if her temperature ever gets that high again.
    daughter in law "doesn't know if she can do it". WHATEVER...You WILL do it cause you're the mom!!!

    We had to hold Juliana down for many procedures at the hospital...then I came home and had to get Jordyn, who is nursing and ONLY WANTS MAMA to calm down and sleep beside me til daughter in law called me to come pick up she and Juliana at the ER. It was a long night...very scary for all.

    The next morning I had to drive young difficult child an hour and half away to work. Oldest difficult child insisted young difficult child work.
    I also picked up young difficult child later...so 6 hour drive day for me. I cancelled all showings for the weekend...there were 7 scheduled. husband left middle of the night Friday night for 3hr trip to a bowling tournament for his Highschoolers that he coaches. He did not get home til around 9 last night.

    The family stayed at our home all weekend and I was up at 5am to take young difficult child to work this morning in Downtown Dallas. I am exhausted. I am still bleeding heavily too (sorry if too much info).

    But, regardless, Juliana is okay.

    2 Showings expeted today between 11:30 and 1:30. I have been at home since around 8am this morning tidying up from the weekend with family.

    I will survive. I keep telling myself...just one day at a time.
    And we are ALL counting our blessings that Juliana is alive today. SHe is our fearless one...our risk taker...our independent one...must do everything for herself. None of us would be the same if she were to have left us.

    Yes, so there has been drama this past weekend...but we are all okay. Juliana's okay. :)

    Thank you DDD for checking on me.
    I love you. Talk to you later.
    ps...Young difficult child is so far handling it all.
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    Good Grief. Sorry you had the scare but sure glad it turned out well. I'm beginning to think you should have a sit com and rake in a profit like the Kardashians. :fantasysmiley: I'll be crossing fingers and hoping your perspective purchasers LOVE the house and have zillions of dollars so they can pay twice the list price. LOL! Hugs. DDD
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    WOW! Talk about a hard night. I am sorry that your granddau was so sick. You might consider giving her another board name as I don't know that her parents would like you using her real one, though in my opinion it is a beautiful name.

    Febrile seizures are quite common in children. I don't know how old she is, but kids do tend to outgrow them. Generally when the temp hits 102 it is time to do a cool bath. 103.5 makes it a necessity and over that? Go to the ER for help, or to urgent care if one is open. Anything over 100 needs tylenol and at 101 to 101.5 should start alternating tylenol and advil. Give tylenol and in 2 hrs give advil and 2 more hrs give tylenol, so that you are giving a medication every 2 hrs and each medication is given every 4 hrs. If that doesn't get the temp down under 100, or if temp is still climbing in 6-8 hrs, go to the doctor.

    I know it sound complicated, so having this written down is super helpful. When my kids were little I typed that out and taped it inside the cabinet where I kept the kids' medications. I also taped in on the inside of the first aid box in each car. When we do give medications for fever, etc.... we keep a written list of what medication, what dose, what time of dose and time of next dose. We initial the dose when we give it so that if one of us is out, the other knows what is going on. From a very early age I told my kid what each medication was, why they were taking it, how much and how often it was taken. Now the kids are not on liquid medications often, and they initial on paper if they get medications out. They ask me first, but often will get their own of things that are OTC. By about age 6 Jess was as good as I was at knowing what medications were for and when they were at school she was often asked if thank you could have something or if he was allergic to it. She was NOT asked to do that by me, but she picked it up because I explained it to thank you. Even now my kids are super careful about their medications and they ask if a medication looks different or if they thought it was taken a different way or on a different schedule. I want them to know their body and what it needs and to question every medication so that they can protect themselves.

    Given your daughter in law's reaction of not knowing if she can handle things, letting the kids know what the dr wants them to do/take might be a good thing. It is a way to help them be independent and to feel they have some control over their lives and bodies.

    It sounds like youngest is working very hard and I hope and pray for his success. Please let him know that I think of him often and hope only for the best for him and his family. He truly is a sweet guy. I am impressed that he went to work today. I know oldest insisted, but oldest probably was counting on him. It isn't easy to go to work after a night like that, but many of us have done it. Just one of the unfun bits of parenting, in my opinion.

    I don't know why you are bleeding, if you got hurt or are having a bad period, but I hope it stops soon. An iron supplement or some high iron food might be a good thing for you today. Vit B can also be helpful.

    I am with DDD in praying that your buyers are in LOVE with the house and they want to pay twice the price and tehy CAN pay that much!!! I am sure the house looks amazing.
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    That is scary! I like the sit com idea lol!!!!
  6. DDD

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    LMS is beginning "the change" so her cycles are messed up. Poor baby. Hugs DDD
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    Oh gosh, so glad she is ok. Make sure daughter in law knows to put a tiny amount of water and not to leave the bathroom for a second if she has a fever. She can take her clothes off and use wet rags (not freezing, just coolish) to wipe her if she is not comfortable putting her in water. A seizure in water can be very quickly deadly.
  8. DammitJanet

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    We always used the wet rags especially on the neck and pulse points. Wet down hair, cool rags on wrists, neck, belly, feet and inside of legs. That always seemed to lower the temp fairly fast along with the medications.
  9. recoveringenabler

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    LMS, sending big hugs for you, glad Julianna is okay, warm and caring thoughts that you find calm in your stormy sea...........
  10. Signorina

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    Oh LMS, so glad J is ok and I am hoping that today will be a better, calmer day. XO
  11. Nancy

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    You certainly have had a hectic beginning of this new phase. So glad J is OK and hope that never happens again. I'm sure it will take a while to get on a schedule with all this running LMS but just remember to take it a day at a time. Hope the house sells and things start to calm down.

  12. PatriotsGirl

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    I am a mom that panics, too. I understand. :(

    So glad she is okay and hope things keep going up for you all!!
  13. lovemysons

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    Oh my...Busy, Busy, Busy.
    Young difficult child's Parole officer is keeping me going...that and Starbucks white chocolate mocha's, lol.

    Well guess what? Two offers on the house yesterday. Settled for 3k less than we asked for but we'll live with it. Now just got to get past the inspection and appraisal. But that's a relief...no showings today. So glad as I'm so very tired of leaving the house perfect and disappearing for an hour. Though our Realtor did say we need to keep the house available for further showings...but they should reduce to a crawl.

    Had to take young difficult child to Downtown Dallas again today...another orientation. Then tonight he had an "Overcomers" meeting...similar to AA with a Christian slant...it's at a church. Young difficult child is NOT into it at all. Said he doesn't understand how the State can get away with forcing religion on him. Said he'll put on his "mythical magical wizard hat and mix up some potions for awhile". He does make me laugh. He believes that reality is that we are floating on a rock. It is always intersting to me that my son's are such Polar Opposites. One who has gone to very charasmatic church and pretty much wants to control everything his children are exposed to...lives in fear based on "God". And the other who does not believe at all. Oh well...I told him he is grown now and whatever faith or lack of he has is his business not mine.

    Gotta pick him up in an hour...probably driving to Downtown Dallas again in the morning to take him to work. He told me today on our driving that he wishes he could make a living "thinking". Said he understands that he must work and support his family and live within the structure of the laws of our land...and the system at large...but he would rather get paid just to "think all day"...lol.
    He is interesting.

    Middle grandchild J is doing well now. Been on antibiotics and fever reducing medications. Thank you all for your good thoughts info and care regarding her...and me and young difficult child.

    I should see how the rest of you are doing in your lives.
    I'm good...surviving.
    Love y'all.
  14. Mrs.McNear51

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    Glad all is going smoothly. Still believing young difficult child will figure this all out. Good going on the house offer, sure didn't take long. Take care of yourself and know I will keep you all in prayer. Love you friend. :)
  15. lovemysons

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    Hi Julie,
    husband is keeping me up tonight...I think he's got with the grandchildren have had...a really horrible cough. He just sounds miserable.

    No, it didn't take long for the house to sell...or at least get some contracts on it. Honestly, we have never owned a home that hasn't had a contract on it within 3 weeks. The first 2 homes we owned we even made a 30k profit on each...this one, we are in fact, taking a 3k loss on as we were only asking what we paid for the house in 2001.
    It's just not a seller's market, ya know.

    As for young difficult child...It's pretty amazing to me that so many prayers have been directed his way. So much faith has been leaned on to get us through this past year with him in prison...and yet he has none???
    He did tell me in yrs past that we took him to the wrong church growing up...that they made him feel bad about himself...and feel guilty.

    I don't know his "demons". Don't know what has lead him to the conclusions he currently has. He tells me that they are "hypocritical and judgemental". Tells me that he has seen too many wrong doings in systems that are supposed to work and "save". He reminded me today of oldest difficult child having relations with Drug Rehabs owner's daughter years ago. Reminds me of the "therapeutic wilderness program" that was ready to send him to Jamaica within 9 days of him being there for their more "punitive program" side and the treatment he got there before we literally drove to Montanna and saved him. Then, he reminds me of the less than compassionate attitude from our former pastor because I was not exhibiting enough faith when oldest difficult child was going down the tubes as a teenager.
    He keeps finding all the flaws in systems and authority/people that are supposed to be doing the right things.
    Anyway, bottom line is he doesn't trust those that claim to have the answers.
    I have tried to remind him that there are no perfect people...perfect systems, etc. That's not what it's about.

    And I wish he would see that He himself is being judgemental. I know it even talks about in the Big Book of AA struggling with having a Higher Power because of finding flaws etc.
    I truly hope he does figure this all out one of these days. He is heavy in my prayers...has been for a long time now. And both daughter in law and I noted tonight that when J "almost died" the other night that all we could do was pray.

    And as for you, Julie...Oh my just ONE MONTH til Betsy delivers new grandbaby girl!!! You must be so excited!!!
    I'm excited for you. My hopes and prayers are that this new baby is healthy and that you share great happiness as she grows. I am so relieved that Betsy is doing so well now. She's truly been through it all.
    One of these days you and I will have to officially meet each other...in person!
    Enough of this "internet stuff" lol. Maybe I could fly up to the midwest and we could get a weekend at a nearby hotel/casino...that would be fun!

    DDD...Thank you so much for starting this very caring thread. You are a very dear person to me. Please take good care of yourself too. You have enough on your own plate...sigh, does it ever get easier?

    Love all of y'all.
  16. SuZir

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    Glad that your house selling process is going that well. It is a major stress. Sorry your husband is sick.

    In my type of Christianity faith is seen as an act of God, not human. So we can just leave our wayward children to his hands and believe that he knows what he is doing, in his timetable. Would that type of thinking help you at all?

    If your son is currently having issues with higher beings, and not just that he is atheist but that he is actively struggling against the church and that type of authority, that may have some really adverse effects on his recovery in the highly religious based group. Could he have any non-religious alternatives? My kid was in local hospital managed rehab, but they referred us to the some resources of SMART Recovery. It's little different type of program. Science based and without any religious slant. Maybe something like that would help your son to focus his addiction issues instead of rebelling against religion. Latter he can do in some other setting and work that one out without it getting in the way of recovery.
  17. toughlovin

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    LMS - I think you are doing great, given all the business and stress. It sounds like young difficult child is really trying to figure things out.... I am agnostic and am not a big believer in any traditional God.... but I love my alanon group and I think there are many ways to think of a higher power. I would agree that a strongly Christrian based group might be counter productive right now if he is really questioning the religion itself. But that doesnt mean he cant find a way to think of a higher power that is helpful to him.

  18. DDD

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    I'm on your team and really pleased that things are going as well as they are. Hugs. DDD
  19. lovemysons

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    SuZir and TL,
    Unfortunately AA or "Overcomers" are the requirements by the State of Texas. He must attend either AA or Overcomers twice a week...there is no other alternative. Yes SuZir, it does help to look at young difficult child's relationship with a Higher Power in terms of God's timing not mine. I will try and let it go. Really I am not trying to convince young difficult child of anything...He has a very strong resolve about his opinions and voicing my thoughts will only lead to an arguement that neither of us needs to have.

    Hugs DDD and all,
  20. DDD

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    Do you have a closing date in your contract or is contingent upon the Buyers getting approved for a mortgage?
    Just wondering how quickly the move might come. DDD