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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DDD, Apr 4, 2009.

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    You know how we have laughed over the years about our older boys being similar? Well, easy child/difficult child now has a new girlfriend who is 32.......and.......are you ready?......a Doctor of Chiropractic. :dance:

    I think "my kid" tops "your kid" in this nutsy game as his "Doctor" owns her own home which he describes as "really beautiful". She loves to dance and party (no drugs and I'm not sure how much booze) and is an expert at massage. ;)

    Truthfully, I'm proud of easy child/difficult child because he is neither seeking an intimate relationship with her nor is he overly impressed by her achievements. Yeah kid!! husband said "I guess in our community she feels lucky to have a polite
    nice looking guy to hang out with....and who is taller than she is!" I softly reminded easy child/difficult child that "some women" start thinking about babies at that age. I'm always afraid he is going to be a "donor" due to his short term memory loss and impulsive behaviors from the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

    Anyway........our boys are on parallel tracks...AGAIN! :redface: DDD
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    Well, it's not just your boys---
    Jana is now "dating" a 29 yo guy from a neighboring town. He is divorced, 2 young boys, and works as a mechanic. I would feel much better if he as a doctor like the boys have chosen----is that elitist or what!!! Oy Voy (sp) difficult child demanded we do something about it....what exactly can we do???? I hate being the parent of "adult" children.
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    LOL. "Do something." Yep, that's not exactly possible for us, is it?

    A good mechanic, like a good Doctor, should be able to provide in all economic conditions. The age differences are weird. It's sexist but it seems "weirder" when the guy is ten + years younger.

    Your post reminded me of something to be thankful for...there are no children involved here. Yeah! ;) DDD
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    LOL DDD, that IS funny.
    Both very very good looking, charming, once very sports inclined and always with a girl at their side. They DO have some things in commen for sure. And now both with 32 yr old women.

    Speaking of my oldest difficult child. I was with him last night. We were bad, lol. husband gave him a 100 dollars and me 200 and difficult child and I drove to the casino. We talked quite a bit on the way. Honestly I don't know how much longer difficult child and his 32 yr olds relationship will last.
    She went out last night with her friends who apparently do not approve of difficult child. difficult child said that the fact the he doesn't make a 100 thousand a year is starting to get to his 32 yr old girlfriend. He said they argue about money all the time and that she feels that she is still pretty enough to get someone who can support her in the way she wants to be. So apparently, whatever "love" oldest difficult child and she have had, is not enough...Apparently her first love is MONEY.
    And of course she had money with her soon to be ex husband, but now is with my 21 year old son and barely making ends meet.
    I think oldest difficult child feels that he has to make a success of himself pretty quick or she'll be gone. Personally, I've felt a superficial, shallowness...coldness from her from the get go. I don't much like her so oldest difficult child telling me what's going on between the two of them doesn't change my mind much about her.

    Anyway enough about my oldest difficult child.
    I'll definitely keep my ears open to hear how your easy child/difficult child 's relationship with this "woman" smile, develops.

    It's good to see you DDD!
    hugs and love,
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    Also totally forgot to ask...
    Where did easy child/difficult child and this gal meet? How long have they been dating?
    Has she ever been married? And most importantly...what do YOU think of her? Have you met her?

  6. DDD

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    Funny you should ask, LMS. ;) Last night I thought about doing an update to let you all know...it is close to over AND actually never "began" in an intimate way like I thought and feared. Wahoo!!!!

    It goes to show how crazy life can be. She is stocking his favorite ($$) booze as an enticement for him to spend time at her house. He loves his booze but "I think she has low self-esteem issues and I don't want to get that close to her." Yeah! (Of course, I didn't say a word to indicate my relief!)

    We never met her. She started hanging out at "his bar" and found him attractive. husband and I are hoping that he uses his sober brain when making choices about where to go with her. I'm always afraid that he will be seen as an outstanding "donor" by these older girls who have their clocks going.

    Now, I'll cross my fingers that your difficult child can move on to someone more appropriate for his life. Thanks for asking. DDD
  7. lovemysons

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    Well, DDD, we just never know "who" it's going to be next. But no doubt yours and mine will always have a Willing Participant by their sides.