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  1. Shari

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    I've had strange reactions to different drugs thru the years. My whole family seems to respond strangely.
    Anyway, one thing that has been a particular thorn in my side is local anesthesia. Even on the best days, it just wipes me out. In the past, I've opted to skip the anesthesia to get stitches because I couldn't afford to feel bad later.
    I had a root canal today at 4. I'm home and the numbness is gone, but I am very sick to my stomache and cold. He had to give me 5 dfifferent injections to get the area deadened, and i Heard him bumping it up to 3% and 4% instead of the usual 2%. All this made me leery, but I didn't want to have to go back another day.
    I was looking on the net for side effects, it looks like nausea can be one, but I'd never heard of it. Anyone else experience this?
    Also, for years, my heart races after each injections. I always thought it was anxiety or nerves or something - was reading tonight that it may be a side effect of the local, also, not just my nerves as I've always thought. Think I'll be asking more questions in the future.
    (and finding a new densist - he belittled me for declining an anti-inflammatory shot - which is one class of drugs I avoid at all costs because of previous reactions - except ibuprofen, which I can take).
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    If your heart races it's from the epinephrine. I have that, too. Ask for carbicaine (sp?) next time. It isn't as long lasting, but doesn't have the epinephrine. I used to always have the heart racing and would get really cold. They would put a blanket on me in the dentists chair. And I would feel terrible for the rest of the day. I don't get that anymore with the carbicaine (sp)...however you spell it.

    I'm also another one that has multiple shots for one procedure. I finally have a dentist that can get me numb with usually only one or two injections. Apparently, it's a lot more than just giving the injection. It seems to be a skill that not all dentists have. I almost always have to have a pallatel (sp?), though. That's the shot in the roof of the mouth.

    My mom is an EFDA (expanded functions dental assistant). She's the one that told me to get the carbicaine and it's made such a huge difference.
  3. Hound dog

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    Local anesthesia for some weird reason doesn't work well for me. I've gotten so I dread ever needing it for something. Because if I can't get the person administering the drug to listen to me, I'm there feeling the darn procedure. It's horrible. And if I happen to yell out cuz it hurts like **** they look at me like I've lost my mind.

    For my teeth, our insurance covers for us to be asleep. So I'm going to try that route this time around. I've had too much of getting to feel the whole thing of whatever was being done. It is NOT fun sitting there with tears streaming down your face. (gee I wonder why I have severe anxiety over dentists? lol)

    For anything else I won't let them touch me until I'm positive the area is numb. Because it always takes ALOT more anesthesia than it should.

    But then again, I tend to throw off normal anesthia after surgery exceptiionally fast. (at least that's what they always tell me) And once I'm awake I stay awake and am fully alert.

    So maybe one has something to do with the other.

    My poor mother in law is the opposite. Any anesthesia makes her terribly physically ill, and usually makes her so groggy she can't function for days.
  4. susiestar

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    I am in the same boat as far as the anti-inflammatories. I can't take ANY because I get an awful rash and last time had a hard time breathing.

    Any dentist who belittled me would be one very vocal patient short. I have such dentist anxiety is it NOT funny. I was 13 and many fillings past before I discovered they COULD numb you! My dentist as a child did not believe in novacaine - he gave a shot, but almost no medications. ICCKKKY!!!

    You have the right to have the area adequately numbed. Period. And if you need different medications, that is OK.

    I usually need more than usual, and halfway through I need more because it wears off too soon. And they better give me gas before they do ANYTHING. Like look at me. With my mouth closed.

    I am NOT kidding. And my dentist KNOWS IT!

    My husband used to see a dentist who did hypnosis, and husband says it was awesome, he did not even know they did fillings when he woke up. I don't know nothing 'bout that.

    Try the other medication. And for heaven's sake, if you are crying make them stop. They are in your mouth - BITE if you can't get their attention. It will only take 1 time, I promise!


  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    What most people ARE allergic to is the solution that epinephrine is put into for the preservative. Most people have racing heart, palpitations, shortness of breath, feeling like they are choking, cold hands, numbness and the sensations can last for a few minutes or hours. I forget what the preservative is - but more than likely that is what you are having an allergic reaction to.

    The other thing that 'can' happen is that the dentist can put the needle directly into a vein, or nic a vein when injecting you . The most common local anesthetic used in dental offices is lidocaine. Others include prilocaine, mepivacaine, bupivacaine (carbocaine) and other drugs with names ending in "-caine." Since you had a reaction - if you have other drug allergies - ask for articaine. Novicane isn't used anymore.

    I would certainly at the very least call your doctors office and tell them that you had an allergic reaction. Please mark it down.


    How are you feeling today? I hope better - I hate teeth work.

  6. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    You know, Star, after the fact, I realized I'd forgotten to point out the "no preservative" thing. I KNOW I'm allergic to some of the preservatives, and even tho its on my chart, no one mentioned it prior to the root canal.
    Every doctor I've ever been to says something about it before we start. This one did not, so I'm betting that's exactly what happened. Even the anesthesia without preservative kicks my hiney, but I'll bet I got a double whammy with this one - a larger-than-normal load of anesthesia AND preservative.
    I started feeling better again last night around 8. Horrible headache, but I can deal with that.
    Funny thing, he kept telling me how I was going to hurt so bad, and how I really should get that anti-inflammatory shot, blah blah blah... And since I declined it, kept carrying on about how I need to take something for pain every 3-4 hours for at least 3 days, maybe longer, cause it was going to be a doozy... I haven't had any pain. Hurts to bite something solid on it, but otherwise, tooth feels great. Am REALLY GLAD I declined that shot.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Glad to see you figured out what the problem was -

    I take a red marker - AND I have a special card with a red cross over the entire card - it lists all the medicines I'm allergic to. I have to carry it. My medic alert bracelet says SEE CARD IN WALLET. My doctors nurses love it because it has ALL the info on it they need and how to spell this stuff that no one should have to know how to spell - I also will make HUGE red stars or x's on the paperwork with arrows to ALLERGIC TO section.

    I am allergic to epi. I've been told by every dentist (except one) that it is impossible to be allergic to it. When I had breast surgery the anesthetist didn't seem to think it was funny - he said it is rare - and what is worse is I have a 50/50 chance of living if stung by a bee or other insect. I cant take an epi shot - probably got desensitized to it having so many bee stings as a kid or something. No clue. But if I get it? I foam at the mouth, go on Mr. Toads wild ride, have violent fits - and I can't see or hear - shock.

    I have no doubts that I'm allergic to the preservative in carbocaine as I got that once instead of whatever - and it made my heart race and I was a wreck thinking they forgot and gave me eip. They slapped a BiPolar (BP) cuff on me and laid me flat then sat me up and stuck my head in my knees. So something is wrong. (OH I see.....it's me) thanks for that doctor!

    Glad you're feeling well.
  8. susiestar

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    Star, you always have great info for me. I do not have 'caine anything reactions, but my dad and little niece both feel burned if they get benzocaine (stuff in orajel and solarcaine) on them. They get big blisters in mouth if they get any orajel type stuff.

    I hate it when I am told you can't be allergic to XYZ. Most recently some idiot nurse told me it was impossible to be allergic to all NSAIDS and Cox-2 inhibitors. She refused to write it down, and when my spine surgeon heard this - BEFORE the surgery, he turned and looked at her, told her to stay away from his patients and he would speak with her in a minute when he was done with me. Never did see her again.

    I feel for anyone with as many allergies as many of us and our kiddoes have.

    Hugs to ALL of us!!

  9. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Nice to know I'm not alone in strange allergies and reactions. Next time someone looks at me like a freak, I'll send them here! lol

    (on that note, easy child 1 is allergic to benadryl...talk about strange...)
  10. klmno

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    I'm not sure I followed all of this but second to the time the dentist hit a nerve in the side of my face, my worst experience was being given a pain reliever with codeine- hopefully, this didn't happen with you if you are one of us who have reactions to it.
  11. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    klmno - I am the ONLY one in my entire family (both sides) that can take codeine. And it doesn't so much as make me sleepy. My brothers hallucinate on it. My dad got hives. My mom's heartbeat becomes irregular. I was the one with the most allergies and medication reactions, so I was 27 before anyone even tried it on me, and it did nothing. lol Who'da thunk