LOL!! Stupid difficult child story

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    I just read craigslist and a young lady gave her age and that she was in a specific court yesterday (named the court) and what she was charged for and roughly when. She wants to be naked with the policeman that arrested her and gave his initial and said he was in court yesterday, too. Oh- and she said what color eyes he had, too. Then she asked if she can request him if she goes out and commits this offense again. She said she was found guilty but she's obviously not in jail so I can only assume she's out on probation.

    Now I've got to tell you- it's only going to take one person from the local court system to read this while eating lunch or something and the word will be all over the place. There wouldn't be more than one person who could fit all those details in court yesterday. Her PO is going to know as well as everyone in the police dept. and probably the judge, who'll she'll be in front of again if she breaks a court's or PO's order or commits another offense. And she said she was just melting while in court yesterday. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    Her mother needs this board.
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    Hmmm, either a not very smart difficult child ... or someone who doesn't like someone and is setting them up?? Wow.
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    One thing is for certain... Someone is a difficult child!
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    Gotta love Craig's list!
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    Fortunately, she didn't say anything that could get the cop in trouble so I don't think she was setting him up or trying to get back at him. She's pretty young and I tend to think she's just that clueless. As a female and a mother, I just keep thinking of more and more ways this could come back to bite her.

    Based on what she said, the cop was just a nice guy who was gentle with her wrists when he handcuffed her, chatted a little while doing so, and looked at her like he felt sorry for her in court yesterday. None of that sounded inappropriate on his part to me. Most cops are that way with my son.

    Of course all cops aren't that way and she is very much setting herself up in that resepct, too.
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    I thought you sold things on Craig's list?? Can you tell I've never used it? lol

    Wow. Definitely a difficult child, and sooooo didn't think that thru.
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    DF - Craigslist also has a rant page. Someone at one point posted some really nasty info about husband. And included their name. DUH. Speaking of difficult children....
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    Lisa, google "craigslist yourarea" - it's worth glancing over sometimes because there are all different types of things posted. Most of it is not worthwhile but ocassionally I see something useful- then I read some areas just for the humour. The particualr ad was in the "missed connections" area.
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    Then again, it could be someone else trying to get her into trouble. I love the internet, but this kind of stuff is what I hate about it.
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    I would hope that isn't the case. Actually, I can't imagine anyone knowing that much detail except her- but if she did say this stuff to a friend or someone who ended up posting it on a public forum, craigslist around here is good about removing posts if/when someone contacts them.

    I had one removed in a matter of hours because I posted offering work (legitimate professional services) and some very young people sent me resumes, apparently thinking I was advertising to get these services. I didn't respond to them all but emailed one and told them they were mistaken. I guess someone reported me for false advertising, which I don't get, but my post was removed.
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