Long drive today but saw my difficult child nd he certainly is my Gift from God

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mazdamama, Jan 21, 2012.

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    David and I headed out at 5:45 am and got home at 7:45 pm but it was a great day. David does not want to go again but I felt he needed to see his big brother and know that he is indeed okay. Daniel is doing good and I can already see changes in him, We actually played a card game today and when I won a hand he did not get angry. Normally he HAS to win.

    I went up one way and came back another. Trying to avoid Orlando FL however I can. Would rather drive on a road where speed limits run 45-55mph and people drive that then to be on I-4 in Orlando where no one knows what the heck turn signals are for and if the speed says 65 they are going 85 and weaving in and out of traffic.

    Great visit.....He has only shed a couple pounds but has gotten taller and slimmer. The top of his head is not even with the top of my glasses. He cried of course when we left but he is in a great place and they are doing a great job with him.
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    That sounds awesome and I hope it continues!! Any idea WHY David doesn't want to visit again? I am glad you took him with you anyway. HE needed it and I'm sure Daniel appreciated it.
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    With David's issues he prefers being home and is not a good traveler although he did okay yesterday because he kept his nose stuck in his atlas. After the original being happy to see his brother he got very bored. TV could not be changed to his preference, he could not go about checking everything out. He finally asked the caregiver on duty for paper so he could draw maps, then he wanted her dictionary which she let him use. I had to watch to make sure he did not tear out the maps in the back of the book. After maybe a 1/2 hr he wanted to go home.
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    I am so happy to read your update. It's just wonderful that you are happy with his placement and that he is making progress. When you are "just" going 85 on I-4 best stay in the far right lane where the slow traffic is suppose to be...but, of course, without warning that lane will turn into an exit and it's heck to move over to the next lane. Sigh. Orlando and Atlanta are the two places where I just have to pump up my adrenelin to keep up with the pack. What a challenge! I'm sure getting home safely was awesome. Hugs DDD
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    Great news. I am so glad it is working out for him. sounds like your work to find the right place is really paying off.

    HUGS, you must feel quite a bit of relief. Holding onto great thoughts for your family.