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    Did you hear of the woman who went to a psychiatric ER and fell to the floor in the waiting room? No one helped her and she died there...


    I recall when difficult child went to one of these places...all husband kept on saying was "we treat dogs better than this."

    This is why we keep tabs on difficult child. I dress nicely (not overly so) when I go (people are biased whether we want to believe it or not) and make sure I know the names of some of the doctors and nurses.

    I think many people have good hearts...but it seems in many ways our system is messed up.
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    Yes, I saw that on the Internet and on TV. Sick.

    with-regular health care, you've got to be your own advocate and should never stay overnight in the hospital alone. with-mental health care, it's 10-fold.
  3. gcvmom

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    The circumstances of her death are just obscene! I hope the family wins their suit! :mad:

    I was reading the thread about mental health care and the prison system -- this is a huge issue for me. If we treated our mentally ill more effectively instead of ignoring the problem, the majority of people in our prison systems would be living IN society and contributing to it instead of languishing on the fringe. I heard a statistic on a documentary that stated the majority of inmates either have a learning disability or a mental illness. Wow. Imagine if we could stem the tide when these people are CHILDREN?! What would our world be like?

    Not too long ago, our state had a measure on the ballot that would levy a small tax on incomes over $1 million, and those funds would go straight to the mental health care system. If I could have, I would have voted TWICE for that measure! In fact, even if it would tax people in MY income bracket, I would have been first in line to sign up. Thankfully, it did pass.
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    How horrible. I'm at a loss for words.

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    That is so sad.

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    I have to agree with gcvmom's points about health care and mental health care in the prison systems. I also have to say that if the American people were taxed more fairly, there would be enough money for advocates and mental health beds. I pay 25% of my income in taxes. Do you suppose Bill Gates pays 25% of his income in taxes? I think not. He writes off way too much to pay taxes. He picks and chooses who gets to benefit from his wealth with his "foundation". Not to say that the foundation is a bad thing. Most filthy rich people wouldn't give a cent. But they'd find a way to not pay taxes. Taxes aren't a bad thing, people. Unequitable taxes are. And the tax cuts we've taken in the last decade or so wasn't much help to those of us who are not earning a fortune.

    Just my .02.
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    That happens a LOT more than anyone knows Nomad - A LOT more. :sad-very:
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    You know after some thought (don't ever let me think) this just goes hand in hand with how our social service system works with the kids. So ineffective in most cases and the people you work with are so darn burnt out that they just don't do the things they should. I don't mean all of the type of workers but so many that it casues a problem. I mean look at how many of us try and get help for our kids and hit one battle after another. And it certainly isn't going to get better for adults who aren't going to bother to fight for themselves. In so many cases so many people don't understand what is going on with themselves to know how to be self advocates. Not everyone has parents like us that fight for them. And how many of our kids have said nope not continuing this after they hit adulthood.

    I certainly don't know the fix but the more I think about this the more angry it is making me.

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    so true!!!
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    Witz & Beth:


    :bravo: Well said!!