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I need help...we have a 17 year old Daughter who will be 18 in October. She has been cutting for 2 years now. She has a learning disability, been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. She see's a therapist once a week, we have tried every medication and they just make her lash out. She has been through 3 schools in the past 3 years. Each school never works out. She is going to be a senior next year and the only option available is online. She is upset about it because she wants to go to another school. Every month she will start to yell and complain that she has no friends, everyone hates her, why don't I do anything, why can't we move, and she is VERY paranoid. She thinks everyone is talking about her. She wants to be in a school but, when she is she calls me crying in the bathroom about how someone said something about her and she starts to self-harm. There are other times she is perfectly fine. She refuses counseling at times, and refuses to go out with girls who ask her to hang out, but she complains that no one wants to be with her. I try to explain to her that she has to make an effort and go out with people if she wants friends but, she starts yelling and sits in her room and says that no one cares and no does anything, and if I cared we would move. I tell her you can’t keep trying to reinvent yourself (counselor has told her this many times) and she turns it around that we are all out to get her and we don’t care. She is VERY pretty and gets a lot of attention from boys. The boys are more than happy to be with her, but she has only 1 girlfriend. I don’t know what to do anymore. I know that doing online school will throw her into even more of a depressive state but, she has gone to all the schools in district already and the 5 open enrollment requests I sent out said no due to the IEP. Please just help me.

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Is she getting professional help beyond the school counselor. That is likely in adequate. Has she ever been evaluated and diagnosed by a psychiatrist or a neuropsychologist? If not, why not? She sounds like something is going on that is beyond your ability to help.


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I agree with Somewhere, she needs more help and maybe looking into a in hospital treatment would be a good idea. Its tough to answer what to do because your daughter is going through a lot. I also am in no place to give the correct advice and do not want to make the situation worse. But do what you can before she is 18, after 18 you have no control, just to try to convince her to get help then is all you will be able to do. I think she really wants the school atmosphere but yet cant handle it, thats why Im thinking in a hospital, she will have school, kids, and access to 24hr therapy and medical help if /when she gets in a depressive and or cutting state.

Many hugs and you and your daughter are in my thoughts.