Looking for families to participate in an ADHD study

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Joy Landwehr, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Joy Landwehr

    Joy Landwehr Researcher

    Hi forum users,

    My name is Joy Landwehr and I am a doctoral student at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education. As a licensed social worker, I am interested in studying the everyday experiences of children with ADD/ADHD and their parents; of particular interest is how youth with ADD/ADHD respond to conflicts and social situations. I have communicated with the moderators of this board and after reviewing the goals of my study, they have given me permission to post a recruitment notice in this forum.

    I am specifically looking for families who fit the following criteria:

    • Have at least one child between the ages of 10 to 15 who has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. The diagnosis has to have been officially made by a pediatrician, school psychologist, psychiatrist, or other licensed professional.
    • Live in the greater Boston area, elsewhere in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or possibly the Chicago area
    • Have one hour of time to spare

    Participation simply involves you and your child filling out a series of surveys over a one-hour period. The one time meeting can be set up at your home or you can visit me at my office in Cambridge, MA. This study does not involve any type of medical or behavioral treatments. Your participation is confidential and will not be shared with other members of this online community (unless you choose to make such information public).

    In exchange for one hour of you and your child's time, you will receive your choice of a $10 gift card to either Target or the iTunes online store.

    If you would like to participate in this study or have any questions, please email me at Joy.Landwehr@post.harvard.edu and put "ADHD study" in the subject line. Please also feel free to pass along this information to other families who meet the criteria noted above.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Joy Landwehr
  2. tiredmommy

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    Cheryl has approved our board's participation in this doctoral study by allowing Ms. Landwehr to post. :)
  3. JJJ

    JJJ Active Member

    Does the child need to only have ADHD as a diagnosis or can it be one of several diagnosis?
  4. Joy Landwehr

    Joy Landwehr Researcher

    It might depend on what the other diagnoses are, but generally speaking it's okay for a child to have more than one diagnosis. In fact, I'm expecting that will be the case because ADHD is highly comorbid (co-occurring) with other diagnoses.

    If you are still interested, feel free to email me and we can then set up a time to talk on the phone.

  5. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Sorry, Joy ~ hope your study goes well but no help here; the tweedles are way beyond ADD/ADHD.

    Many of our kids start out with an ADD/ADHD diagnosis but the real truth comes a year or two later. Seems like every psychiatrist, therapist, GP starts out hoping that it truly is ADD/ADHD & it doesn't seem to be the case.

  6. Joy Landwehr

    Joy Landwehr Researcher

    I'm sorry to hear that Linda, but thank you for your support. It sounds like you are dedicated to your children--they are very lucky! :D
  7. Sheila

    Sheila Moderator

    I'd participate, but we're in Texas.

    If we can fill out the survey, let me know.
  8. Joy Landwehr

    Joy Landwehr Researcher

    Hi Sheila,

    Unfortunately one of the surveys that children fill out requires interaction with me, so it's not something I can do long distance. But if I find myself in Texas, I will be sure to contact you!

  9. moonglow

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    I wish I lived in your area, but no such luck. My son's has actually had many diagnoses dropped over time and now down to just two. ADHD and an anxiety disorder. I don't know if there is a child anywhere with just ADHD and nothing else! We have been really blessed in this too. It seemed like when he was young they just kept adding diagnoses..:(

    Too bad you can't do webcam interviews...not that we have one..lol...but gosh if I did I think for this past week I would have it on cause my son has been home all week with the flu! Just a mild case...you could see hyper first hand!! lol...oh boy...

    Good luck with your study!
  10. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    We're Floridians so not eligible. You might check with CHADD and see if they have groups in your geographic area.

    In our family we have a 45 yr. old female ADHD, a 22 year old male ADHD, a 19 year old male ADHD & Aspergers and a 7 year old girl with ADHD plus ?? diagnosis. The three kids are offspring of the 45 yr. old. Life's been very interesting.

    Good luck. DDD
  11. Joy Landwehr

    Joy Landwehr Researcher

    Thanks to those of you who have responded with positive feedback, even if you are unable to participate due to location. I really am dedicated to helping families who deal with these issues--both the negative and positive aspects of it!--but have found it difficult to find participants. Your encouraging words are definitely appreciated and keep me going despite some of the setbacks I've encountered!!!

    At this time, some of the things I have children fill out require some face-to-face interaction, so it would be difficult to do over a webcam. However, I will keep you in mind if anything changes regarding my study.

    If anyone out there know of any others across the country or other websites you frequent that might be a source of recruitment, I'd love for you to share those with me!

    With thanks,

  12. earthprowler

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    my son was diagnosed at 6 with ADHD and also has bipolar disorder and ED. He won't be 10 until April though and I live 4 hours from Chicago and would like to jump on this band wagon.
  13. Joy Landwehr

    Joy Landwehr Researcher

    Earthprowler, can you email me at Joy.Landwehr@post.harvard.edu? I am traveling to Chicago over the holidays but may also fly back again in the spring. Perhaps we can figure out whether we might be able to arrange a meeting.