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    Nichole signed into her yahoo messenger yesterday. Among her list of contacts are her sibs, and K's husband. Well.........um.........let's just say Nichole got quite a shock. Seems K's husband was logged on and his profile pick was a nude photo of himself! :surprise: Soon as he saw Nichole logged on, he switched it over to his normal avitar. But not before she'd reared up from the computer with a "What the hades!!"

    It was during school hours so neither Kayla nor Alex would have been there. And I'm guessing K wasn't there either.

    Wow. :ashamed:

    I asked Nichole if she was going to tell K. At the time she said no. So I dunno if she will or not. I'm iffy as far as telling her because it didn't happen to me.

    Forget liking the guy. He gives me the creeps to the nth degree. I give up. difficult child or not, he's got some mega serious issues concerning sex going on.

    I'm sorry. I just don't see why K is still with him. I just don't get it.

    I shudder everytime I get a video from the kids from him because he always has to be in it. And it's never a pleasant presence, he's either doing or saying something off the wall. I hate it when he speaks because I can barely understand a word he says and he shouts. ( so maybe losing his hearing too?) Low IQ, can't read/write. Now evidently doesn't want to work. ( I strongly suspect this has been an ongoing issue) No teeth.....or barely any. Hooked on porn and talking to naked women online. (this is from K herself) He's 40 and she's not even 30..........and I swear to God I just shake my head and ask myself what can she possibly see in the guy???

    He sent me another video tonight. I hesitated to open it. But I did. It was him........Lordy. All him. I had to turn the volume up all the way to figure out what he was saying. Seems K's bioMom got ticked because K wouldn't loan her some money.....and started berating K about how she doesn't do anything right........And K, who's been having a rough time of late, got so upset she nearly headed for the ER. K's husband was trying to alert me that she might have to go to hospital and was afraid I wouldn't be able to decipher an email written by him. :faint:

    I don't get it. K isn't unattractive. She's smart. And granted I'm on the outside looking in, but I just don't see how she can possibly love him. I dunno. I think about how she was raised........and it just doesn't make sense. I refuse to let myself think of K's prognosis because the thought of the grands being raised alone by this man churns my stomach.

    Oh, and evidently cps concluded the picture of Kayla was "innocent". sigh

    I call the grands tomorrow evening. Hopefully venting will make it easier to try to enjoy talking with K and the kids with him hollering unintelligible nonsense in the back ground.

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    I'm thinking at this point K probably feels trapped.
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    Oh man, I'm so sorry. What a creep. My thoughts and prayers are with K. Love, ML
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    Yeah. I'm thinking K is feeling trapped as well.

    Talked with them on the phone tonight. Well........as much as we could talk as her husband was putting on quite a performace in the background making it nearly impossible to hear. Saying stupid stuff, yelling at the kids.......ugh. Makes having a pleasant phone call a real effort!

    Isn't having to be the center of attention (good or bad) a symptom of a disorder?? I seem to recall such.

    Oh, well. Got to talk to a very excited Alex who's turn it was to answer the phone tonight. He'd been waiting next to it for a half hour before I was due to call. LOL That's my lil man. Stole my heart away. All sweetness and love and innocense. (he may be 7, but I think of him as younger than Darrin due to his disabilities) Had to tell me all about their Easter. K even found a way to make it special by going to the park for a bbq and picnic. Smart of her. Made the kids whole day. :) Kayla had to tell me all about school and her new glasses. And even Evan got on to say "I love you grandma"

    Somehow I managed to get all that thru K's husband's performance....and even managed to talk to K for a few mins before it got out of control. Her husband was showing just a bit too much of his true colors for the situation to be comfortable.....You wouldn't believe what he was saying to the kids thinking he was diciplining them........and K "had to go".

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    Reading about K's life and the way her H behaves just makes me so upset; it breaks my heart to know that those little innocents are living under the same roof with such a lunatic and sicko. Ugh. You deserve a medal for your ability to keep it cool. Thank God for those phone calls, I bet they are one of the highlights of those kiddos' lives.

    Sending prayers that K stays well enough to be the kids' caregiver and develops the sense to dump the wacko. Sorry, no kind words in me right now for him.

    Hugs, Lisa.
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    I have trouble finding kind words for him too.

    Yesterday Nichole got onto yahoo messanger..........and there was the nude picture of him again! Only this time he didn't bother (or notice she was on) to change it over to his normal avitar.

    Nichole emailed K and told her about it, explaining that she'd want someone to tell her if her boyfriend was doing something disgusting like that. K emailed her back and thanked her for trying to looking out for her, said she appreciated Nichole telling her about it. Said she knew he does it as she's caught him in the past. Evidently been the source of many huge fights between them.

    I think it started one of those big fights. I emailed K and she didn't reply last night. Usually she's pretty prompt in her responses. So I'm guessing they were probably arguing and he would let her use the laptop.

    Makes me wonder if her run ins with her bioMom are that her mom is trying to get her to leave her husband. It's hard for me to deal with him from a distance......I can't imagine how hard it is for husband's ex to deal with him in her face every time she wants to see K or the grands.

    During that last phone call.........Kayla also mentioned her Daddy wants to come back to ohio. :faint:

    I had a nitemare a few weeks ago that I found them all on my doorstep, K's husband at the first of the line.............. Confirmed the fact that I didn't want him here under any circumstances.

    Jo, I have to force myself to keep my distance from this because otherwise I'd be tempted to swoop right in and "rescue" K and the grands from the situation. Did that the last time and got burned bad. I keep that in the back of my mind so that when I'm tempted to tell K to hop on a bus with the kids and somehow we'll make it work....that I bite my tongue and clench my jaw instead.

    But I have to say.....the more I get to know this guy, the harder that is to do.
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    I'm so sorry, Lisa. It's especially bad for the children.
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    She's been forewarned. The next time I would bypass telling K and report him to Yahoo and also to CPS.

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    Ditto Suz. So sorry for you and the kids. -RM