Losing it and battle weary

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shaylu, Jun 24, 2011.

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    My difficult child was recently diagnosed with ADHD, anger and impulse control issues and manic depression. The p/dr wanted to start Vyvanse but we got a tachycardia diagnosis and had to get that testing done. My take is that the anger is out of control and so we needed to deal with that first, so we started Abilify. I thought I saw a change in a few days(we have only been on it for a week) but only last night she went off the deep end because I said no to a weeknight sleepover. She threw stuff at me and started to wreck the house. I left the house and she called with threatening messages, so I had the cops come over to talk to her and make her clean up. I am battle weary and feel like it is all I can do to get up every day.

    The p/dr has said we should now start Vyvanse as well now that she has been cleared by the cardiologists. We had been going to therapy since January, and just started with the MD.

    She is 11 and was adopted at 13 days. We have been in therapy since January and initially they said it was adjustment disorder. She has always been explosive and just as quickly, she calms down. Now, she is attacking me physically and verbally. I need to talk to someone, because it feels like it is all about her and as a parent, I am trying so hard to be restrained and calm. Help!!
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    Welcome..the girls here are awesome and have been through it all...I haven't been through a "rage" so I offer no advice...I think you did the right thing by leaving the house and my only opinion is you have the right to be safe too and not be physically abused. I hope the new medicine works.(((((hugs)))))
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    I had to have my 10 yr old (adopted) son baker acted twice this year (Marchment Act) once for holding a butcher knife to his chest and threatening to push it in because he wanted to die. The other time was because this 130 lb kid knocked me (58 yr old with health problems) down to the floor 3 times and trying to choke me. He knows now that no matter how angry he gets that if he lays a hand on me, his brother, or anyone else for that matter he WILL go back to the Crisis Stabilazation Unit, a place he hated. In there they could not wear their own clothes or shoes or have any personal possessions and were watched 24 hrs a day. NOT FUN. As for the knives (before she gets any ideas) mine are in a toolbox that has a lock on it. Makes it a bit aggravating when you have to get a knife out but it is safer. Both my boys were my grandsons before I adopted them so I am lucky enough to know the family history and found that ex daughter in law (now dead by her own hand) and her family had mental health issues. Good Luck and God Bless.
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    G'morning Shaylu. You certainly have your hands full with your difficult child.

    My tweedles had/have extreme anger issues mixed with bipolar & attachment issues. I was advised that we had to address the things that could be addressed with medications before therapy would make any impact (which made great sense to me). Once kt & wm were stabilized with their medications we addressed their rages, meltdowns, aggressions toward each other & myself.

    The thing that hit me was kt & wm needed to be taught different ways to "react" to situations once medications were on board. wm didn't know anything but rages...kt had 5 & 6 hour meltdowns. That's where therapy came into play.....teaching the tweedles different skills.

    It takes time & patience to teach a difficult child new skills of acceptance, redirection, to stop & think.

    Good luck & keep us updated.
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    I'll second that motion. And then add... have you been monitoring sleep patterns? Not "hours asleep" but quality of sleep? Some conditions cause sleep problems... and sleep problems can cause all sorts of OTHER problems, including "insanity". It may be a chicken-and-egg thing... but something to think about.