Losing Soccer Coach!!!!! (Upset Vent)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. susiestar

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    Jess is back in soccer this year. Last year we didn't have the seizures under control and she couldn't play. It was a safety issue, when she seized while walking she often fell.

    The year before the coach was horrible. He was very negative and didn't know how to get the girls to work as a team. His comments to many of the parents were offensive, esp if a family was on a tight budget and couldn't buy the new socks or whatever he wanted for the uniform (changed uniform 4 times during the season - couldn't play if you didn't have the brand of whatever he wanted).

    This year we have an AMAZING coach. He played pro soccer in England before his family moved here. He is a track coach at the High School and really knows how to build a team. The girls LOVE him and work harder than I have ever seen them work before. The girls have won all the games simply because they have excellent skills and work together, which not all Under 14 teams can accomplish.

    Last night there was a board meeting. Some parent, I don't know who, got up and accused him of cursing at the girls and some other things. No one defended him, and the Board wouldn't even let him talk!!

    I have known this man and his family for 6 years. His wife is a librarian at the school my kids used to go to. There is NO way he did the things he was accused of. I have seen him work with the girls a lot and he is always positive. Even his criticism and pointers are constructive, motivating and gentle. This is NOT an easy thing, NONE of the coaches we have ever had have been able todo this.

    I haven't told Jess yet. She is going to be devastated. I think there may not be a team, as many of the parents are upset with the Board, or so I gather from the emails and phone calls.

    This just stinks. Thanks for letting me vent!

  2. busywend

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    Well, hopefully they will speak to the girls and it will get straightened out. I can not stand to hear about a coach treating kids like that, like the first coach did. It is just not necessary.

    Sounds like jealousy. Was it a parent from one of the losing teams? Probably wish they had this coach, but since they can not, take him out of the game and they feel like they have a chance to win.

  3. susiestar

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    I have been getting copies of messages sent to Coach begging him not to quit. I think we may start a new soccer club with him leading it if the trend continues. Our soccer club is becoming more about "prestige" than kids. It really stinks.

    I am just sick over this. Jess is so upset. She is thinking about whether to continue playing.

  4. JJJ

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    That is exactly why my husband quit coaching. He did a great job for many years (long before we had kids) but the lunatic parents that make up whatever they feel like (can we say sociopathic??) caused him to quit because it wasn't worth the added stress. Four guys that he played in college with all started coaching right out of college -- they all quit because of the crazy parents. If we win the lottery, we are going to start our own club but since that isn't likely, he just helps out 1:1 on occassion.

    I hope your new club puts fun back in the game.