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    and no one has noticed! I'm pretty petite so 7 pounds is a lot. Like my mom said, they probably didn't notice when you gained it either :) I haven't weighed this little for 5 years and it feels good. Of course I have another 7 to go but I have no doubt I will get there This time I went back to the old standard: counting calories. I've walked and done some weights and focused on losing a pound a week. So by my (cough 49th) birthday in September I will reach my goal. It may seem silly but just having some portion of control over one aspect of my life feels amazing.
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    Wahoo!! Congrats-it sounds like you are doing really well with this! It doesn't sound silly at all-I completely understand about having some portion of control!
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    Good for you! And what a great birthday it will be!-Alyssa
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