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    it is not yet avaliable , but you can reserve it at Amazon , and remember to use the link to the site

    For many parents Alfie Kohn's Unconditional Parenting is a great companion for the Explosive Child. As far as schools we now have Dr Greene 's book the lost at school as a great companion for Alfie Kohn's books - The schools our children deserve, Beyond discipline , moving from compliance to community , Punished by rewards etc

    "Dr. Greene removes all doubt: Even with challenging kids, rewards and punitive 'consequences' can (and should) be replaced with collaborative problem-solving. Lost at School is a detailed and immensely practical guide whose approach makes much more sense than behavior management plans and other tactics of control. It's hard to imagine any educators, counselors, or parents who wouldn't benefit from reading this book. And their kids will benefit even more."
    -- Alfie Kohn, author of Beyond Discipline and Punished by Rewards
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    Allan, thanks for bringing this book to our attention. I'm going to get my hands on it as soon as it becomes available. My son is definitely "lost at school," in spite of being in a program for socially and emotionally fragile high schoolers.
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    Thanks Allen, although my son is older I do find that many times collaborative problem solving to be more effective. I will have to read the excerpt and see if it's something we can use although our needs are different since school is not an issue.
    Thanks for some updated reading material for the members.
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    Hi! I just pre-ordered on amazon for $16.and change!
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    thanks for posting this. I will definately pruchase this book when it becomes available!

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    I reserved my copy at Amazon.... :D
    School can be the most frustrating part for us with our difficult child. He doesn't do well in structured class and most teachers don't understand why he acts up. Thier comments are usually something like "when he's on, he's really on, but when he's off, it's almost impossible to reel him back in".

    This year had a great start but now seeing all the old behavior falling into place... missing assignments, distracting in the classroom, etc....
    The group of teachers seem pretty good this year and hopefully it won't be as rocky as last. Now that this is his second year in the high school and his IEP teachers know what he's all about, they can hand pick his teachers.
    Does anyone have any suggestions to try as far as keeping kids (teenagers) motivated doing thier school work?
    Incentives seem to only work when he feels like it.
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    I can't wait to read this.

    CatMat-Wish I had the answer to keep teenagers motivated doing their home work. My easy child is the same way!
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    Hi my name is Anita. How are you? I'm new to this site. Your message caught my eye because my husband and I are dealing with pretty much the same thing. Our 10 yr. old son suffers from A.D.H.D. If you'd like to talk, chat or k.i.t., maybe we can be of some help to each other!!!!!