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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by amazeofgrace, May 29, 2008.

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    who's watching?

    I will be serving roasted boar, grilled mango, sea urchin with lots of dharma ranch dressing and squished tree frog tartar at 9 prompt!!!

    I am very excited, but it's going to add to my depression once it's over having to wait until Jan. until season 5!
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    OMG, it was an amazing finale, I thought. Wow. I was alternating between tears and cheers.

    Do you think Jin is dead???????? Waaaaaaaaaa. I wanted him and Sun to have a happy ending.

    Loved that it was Penny's ship. Loved the kiss with her and Desmond !

    When Sawyer jumped off the helicopter, I yelled, "Noooooooooooooooooo!"

    It sure is going to be a long wait until next season !

  3. amazeofgrace

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    OK I am thinking Jin is alive. He somehow jumped off boat and made it to Daniel's dingy. The island(s) disappeared and so did a certain radius of the water around it. Sun will go back to the island with the rest, but only so she can tell Widmoore where it is, then she'll get there and find Jin alive.

    Michael is fish food, the actor is very mad they killed him off without reconciling with Michael's son Walt.

    Jacob is either Jack or the captain of the Black Rock (pirate ship that crashed there). Which would be why widmoore wanted the picture and captain's journal so badly.

    Juliet and Sawyer will totally hook up. The new Losties on the island will be Miles, Charlotte, Daniel, Sawyer, Juliet, Rose, Bernard and Jin, plus the others and Locke. I am convinced Richard is a bad guy and once Locke's in charge bad things will happen.

    Jeremy Bentham (Locke's alias name) was an english philosopher who was a student/friend of english philosopher John Locke. His body is also preserved and on display in Londen, how fitting when Lockes body will be traveling to the island.

    Many are speculating the polar bears were being trained by Dharma to push the wheel thing (the one ben pushed to move the island) which would be why one was found in the dessert (which is where Ben wond up after turning the wheel)
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    I think I'm GLAD I have no idea what you are talking about. Just READING it makes me wonder if I need my medications tweaked!<g>
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    I love this show, but I have given up on thinking things will make sense eventually with that stupid island. lol
    I loved the kiss with- desmond and penny too, I was crying. I can't wait until next season...buwahhhh!