Loughner family update

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TerryJ2, Feb 19, 2011.

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    Sadly, this seems like an entirely rational response to me. Can you even imagine what life would be like after your son did something like that? You would have to go to those lengths in order to have any privacy at all. So often photographers and ghouls and journalists intrude so vicously and pervasively that normal life just isn't possible afterwards. The intrusiveness is just too traumatic even if you were not reclusive before. It can only be vastly worse if you have any mental illness or paranoia. Problems like Loughners are not likely to just show up in a family - they do tend to run in families, so his parents may have a bit of whatever his problems are, and this cannot help them.

    I feel so much sympathy for the family. Same for the families of other notorious criminals. There is actually a movie about Jeffrey Dahmer's father called "raising Jeffry Dahmer". It is very moving, shows how the parents are in a terrible position - knowing your child has done horrible things, feeling some fault (cause as parents we DO often feel fault if our kids mess up bigtime or are sick), and still loving your child. it used to be on hulu but isn't anymore.
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    It's on Netflix Susie.
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    Timothy McVeigh grew up a few towns away from here; his poor sister changed her name so she could have a more normal life after the OK City bombings.
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    Some of the binLadens changed their name(s), too.
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    Poor bloke. I can understand why he wouldn't be too talkative with neighbours, when those neighbours are talking to the media and testing his security by seeing if they can see into his place from a ladder next to the fence...

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    Yup seems like a perfectly logical response to me.

    This man and his wife committed no crimes. Just because their son did is no reason for the media to swarm all over them. I'm sure their going through their own hades right now, and by darn they have a right to go through it privately.

    Some of the neighbors comments rubbed me wrong, though. My Mom was huge on privacy when we were growing up. She always had blinds and curtains drawn. Our backyard was "fenced" in with 7-8 feet tall dense leafed hedges, you couldn't see in if your life depended on it. Oddly enough.........that seemed to drive the neighbors crazy. I mean she never bothered anyone.............well ok except the next door neighbor that she was certain was "spying" on her lol .......but even with that paranoia going on I can think of 3 times she actually spoke to the woman. Yet that veil of privacy cause people to come up with some of the wildest rumors. omg
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    It is sad that people like Bin Laden and McVeigh have no concern for how their families will suffer because of their actions.
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    The family members of people who commit crimes often pay huge prices. It is totally unfair. From the time of the crime the family is scrutinized at all times by very judgemental eyes. The press often interprets their actions to have whatever the worst motive/reasoning/outcome can be given. That part of it is rarely something that is ever taken into account and no matter what the family does it is wrong in the eyes of the press and thus much of the world.

    It hoovers mightily. Heck, how many of us have felt that scrutiny and judgement based on the things our difficult children have done? I know that all sorts of grief and scrutiny came my way because my older bro was such a difficult child. At times he got so bad I was not allowed to go to certain friends' homes. they sure were not allowed to come to ours and I was tarred by his actions and thought to be a "bad influence" in spite of doing NONE of those things and condoning NONE of them. Heck, if I was five minutes late for school in HS they called my mom to say I was playing hooky (NEVER, not even once, did that!) but my bro once had 58 tardies in a 9 week period - late to school and late coming back from lunch meant 2 tardies some days. He also had more than 8 absences that quarter!! My parents were NEVER notified until it was on his report card, but let me be five min late and they were bugging my mom. It is what it is.

    I don't have netflix so I didn't know they had the movie about Dahmer's father. I am sure it is fictionalized but it does show a different angle on the entire course of events.