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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Jun 8, 2008.

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    Many of you have stated how your difficult children are good with little kids. So, I need to share this weekend's story:

    Our neighbors had their 2 yr old grandson for the weekend. We met him yesterday morning. It was decided that he could play in the other neighbor's sandbox in the afternoon if/when the sand dried from the rains we have been getting. (2 yr old even asked the other neighbor for permission). Before lunch, difficult child (11 yrs old) played in the yard with L (2 yr old). He even gave L a stroller ride.

    After lunch and close to the time he knew L would be available to play again, difficult child climbed on the van. When asked what he was doing, he stated he was waiting for L to come outside. So, I gave difficult child an activity book to work on while he waited.

    Soon L came out so difficult child went over to play with him. The neighbors are so impressed in how well difficult child took care of L. They asked how difficult child got to be so good with little kids. He replied he got it from easy child (because she also is excellent with little kids though she has never ever role modeled those skills to difficult child). I watched from a distance as he helped L do whatever he wanted and helped him on the swing. He also pushed the swing at just the right speed for a two year old.

    Neighbor told me today that L blessed our puppy and difficult child in his prayers last night and all he talked about last night was, "Boy, Bella (our puppy), and sandbox". So difficult child's new name is "Boy".

    I watched from a distance when difficult child picked up L to carry him to the nearest neighborhood dog so L could pet it. (whenever L saw one of our dogs, he would ask to pet it so difficult child would carry him to the dog) Later difficult child told me how it was sweet that L laid his head on difficult child's shoulder he also likes that whenever L sees him he gets a hug. It feels good to be a role model to a 2 yr old! :)

    I am thinking about getting him into a babysitting class this summer - He is not ready to babysit on his own but it wouldn't hurt for him to learn the things this class will cover.
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    Very Sweet! What a great positive for him!
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    Very sweet story. I doubled checked your difficult child's diagnosis because I know that kids with adhd are usually socially immature and do well with younger kids. Didn't see that there. It might be a good idea to let him take the babysitting CPR class (I think they over it through the Y and through the Red Cross). It's always nice to feel pride in our difficult children and to see our children do so well!!

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    Okay, THAT was sweet...
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    Great! Good for difficult child! The babysitting classes are a great idea. Maybe you could allow difficult child to "babysit" at your home with you as the supervisor.

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    Ditto, LDM. I looked for the same diagnosis.

    It is very sweet that he cared for L so well and that he looked forward to the hugs.

    My difficult child is great with younger kids as well and always has been. What she is not great with is their signals on when to stop. For example if my difficult child was holding a 1 year old that wanted to get down - my difficult child would not get that signal and would be wondering why they are squirming. It is an obvious que to most of us to put the child down, but my difficult child just did not get that signal.

    I think it has gotten better as she gets older, but it was one of the frustrating things for her as well as others when she was younger.

    There is a red cross babysitting course they can take - I think the age is 12 though. It is a good class for them to take. Even if they never babysit.
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    SO SWEET!!! Our kids can be so great.

    The red cross classes sound good. Also, he might enjoy being the 2yo's mother's helper. He would play/watch the 2yo while the mom did whatever she needed to do. Mom would be there, but L would be watching the toddler.

    It is a good step before babysitting. I enjoyed it, so did my brother. and Jess thinks it is fun.
  8. Andy

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    I watched and difficult child was taking more of a caretaker role than an equal-at-play role. He has always had that quality around kids younger than him - always trying to help them whenever he can. He was purposely letting the 2 year old lead in the play and made sure all obstacles were eliminated and the play area set up as needed (for example, when the 2 year old wanted to dig in some dirt, difficult child would help in finding a small shovel and a proper place to dig. When he wanted to swing, difficult child would help him onto the swing and push at just the right speed.)

    This summer's Red Cross babysitting class (it is set up for 11 yrs and older) is the same day as ATV training. We will wait for the November class (he will then be 12 years old). We have an ATV that difficult child is starting to drive (on our property only) so it is very important that he get this training ASAP. If he passes, he will get a certificate that becomes effective upon his 12th birthday. It sounds like he will need to do some preparation (homework and self tests) before the July 26th class so we will be busy studying for awhile.