Low cost eyeglasses ~ $8 a pair


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Some of you may be familiar with Clark Howard. He is a local Atlanta consumer reporter that has a syndicated radio show.

He was recently on a local television station wearing a pair of low cost eyeglasses that he bought online. A complete pair of eyeglasses with single vision lenses start at $8.00. They have adult and children frames. A complete pair of glasses with progressive lenses (for oldies like me) start at $37.00.

The $8.00 pairs include thin and light 1.57 scratch resistant lenses, full UV protection, and a hard cover case. I thought this might be great for those of you with difficult children that break their glasses frequently.

Here is the link in case you want to check it out:
Zenni Optical

Clark Howard and several of his staffers have ordered glasses from the website and have been very satisfied with the glasses and service from the company.



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I'm going to go hunting for my youngest difficult children prescription right now! Thanks for the site! This is great! He broke his after having new ones for 2 weeks. His last pair broke in 3 months. He goes longer without glasses than with it seems. Its so expensive to buy new ones when insurance doesn't cover it!

Thanks again!


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I've found that ShopKo has a no questions asked insurance policy. They will replace the frames no matter how often difficult child 1 breaks his glasses. And, he has put that to the test.


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I ordered my youngest difficult children new pair about 1 1/2 weeks ago, it came Saturday. They look great! He has an extra strength prescription, so it cost a little extra and I ordered him titanium frames, so the total was about $35. That is terrific!

He broke his last pair 3 weeks after insurance paid for them. I don't know we could have afforded to buy him another pair without this site. In fact, I paid less this go around than I did with my insurance coverage.

All you need is your recent prescription from the eye doctor and a few simple measurements. If you look in the inside of the most recent pair of glasses you purchased, it gives you 3 measurements that help you determine what glasses will fit your head.

Thanks so much Kathy for posting this site! I hope more people get good use out of it!


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that is great that you got a deal especially with- a high rx and titanium.

being in the business i just would caution that you get polycarbonate lenses for kids as they are the safest.

also you need the pupil distance(pd) measurement for proper optical center and i don't see how you can get a proper measurement by just using the measurements off of old glasses.

also make sure you take them in to some place that will adjust them for free for you(like wal-mart where i work). proper fit is so important when it comes to kids glassses!


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We got the info from his eye doctor for measuring millimeters between pupil to pupil while staring at an object far away.

I plan to take him into his eye doctor this Saturday to have him adjust them for him.

The sides of the glasses give the length of the arms, width of the bridge and size of the area the lense is in. This helped me know that the glasses I ordered were similar in size to the glasses he already had.

Thanks for the tips!