ltr from prison


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Finally got a letter. Told me about the prison he is at blah blah. Heard about it before. Asked for some addresses. Asked if i talked to his daughter, asked if i would tell her he loves her. Nope stop right there. Last time he was in i helped him call her, helped her write to him, arranged visit times when he got out. So i wrote, you will have to deal with baby mama and daughter yourself. I tried to keep you bonded last time, now you will have to handle it on your own. Baby mama doesnt want daughter speaking to him til he gets it together. Which i cant do anything about now that he did all this a second time. I got baby mama to give him 2nd chance and he f it up. So im done. Im not going to talk to her and try to convince her to let daughter talk or write him. Its up to her.
Anywaz it felt good to pass the ball back into his court. I dont want the ball anymore, im not playing that game anymore. Its easier to do per letter cuz i dont have to listen to attitude


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Good for you Teriobe.

My son has never been in prison but I can tell you right now that I would NOT lift a finger to fix his relationships. Those are HIS to fix not yours. Baby momma protecting baby. I would do the same thing.

I have gotten so much stronger with the help of a therapist and this forum. Stay strong. Live YOUR life.