Luck ran out

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    Corys luck ran out.

    This time I really dont feel sorry for him either because between Mandy and him he really did this to himself. Im not sure which of them failed to go down and pay his bail bondsman the installment but if it was my butt on the line, I would have made sure it got paid. I do know that money is very tight and that Mandy is having caniption fits about her having to use any of her money to help pay the bills. She feels he should pay all of the rent, utilities and his probation and bail etc and she have fun with her money. Well it cant work that way since she wanted the nicer, more expensive place to live. The trailer alone is almost his entire check. Do the math girl. We told her to get a better job but she cant figure that out.

    She thinks that working at Dominos makes more money part time than she would at a restaurant because dominos pays minimum wage and if she works at a restaurant they pay like $3.20 an hour. She doesnt understand that tips count too and add up really high if you are nice! She is quite a pretty girl with a tiny, cute figure. She would do well at a nice restaurant.

    Anyway...Cory got in trouble for what is really a stupid reason. He should have taken care of paying this bailbondsman at the first of the month but I am pretty sure he didnt have the money after paying rent and electric plus his probation fees. So he was probably waiting on Mandy to give him her part of the money that she had promised to give him. I am betting she didnt which left him holding the bag. We couldnt...nor would we...we are broke ourselves. After all, not only does Mandy have what she earns, she has her pell check refund money! Or had it, who knows what she spends money on! Hope she keeps it, she will need it to pay the rent while Cory is

    Cory was crying in the back of the bondsman car while he had him at first...Momma, dont do this to me...come get me, come get me. This was when the guy was gonna give me the chance to get the money from Mandy to bring it down to him to pay out his bond. But they wanted all the money now. All 400 bucks at this point they wanted a piece of property as collateral. Either a car or real estate. Ummm NO! I told him I dont have the title to my car because it is financed and I wasnt willing to do that anyway. I do hold title on a POS car in the front yard but I have no idea where the title is for that. Havent seen it in well over a year. I will not put up my house under no circumstance. End of discussion.

    In the end, Cory decided to just forget this whole mess. He is going to stay in jail and let this whole time he is serving go into time served and then work out anything that they sentence him to either in Columbus or Robeson with this time he is serving now. That is the best decision I think. His lawyer in Columbus thinks they could get him a plea deal there for 30 days. At first they were going to attempt to do it 30 days on the weekends but by the time he gets to court he will already have served darn near 30 days so it will be done. Then add in whatever Robeson orders, which will probably be ordered concurrently so not to fill up anymore beds...that will work out well. Columbus is the nice jail. Good food, lots of it, nice jail cells with good beds, nice guards, TV's in every cell. Gotta figure out the phone thing. Last time he was able to buy a phone card in there to call home. This time he had to call Billy's cell phone and it cost 9.99 for 20 minutes. That cant happen! It wouldnt even attempt to go through on mine. I am gonna find out what their phone system is though.

    But I am not worried about hm. I didnt do this to him, I didnt ask him to do this, in fact I reminded him to pay his payment! This is on him and he has to learn. Im not mad, Im not sad, Im not glad. I am just somewhat ....sigh....Cory! It was almost like i could feel something ramping up. He was getting a little bit antsy. I knew I needed to get hm in for a medication check but I cant force that anymore. I knew he wouldnt be compliant. I wonder if I could call the jail and talk to them? I can try. Small jail.

    Oh...on the subject of Stupid Girl#2 (Mandy), we were talking about Corys driving tickets and she said...that is a long time to go to jail for driving with headlights on high beam.

    I said...well Mandy, the thing is that he wasnt just driving with his high beams on. That may have got him pulled and a warning but when they cop found out he didnt have a license and he pulled up his record and found out he had been arrested 3 times before for the same darned thing, well it made him rather mad! Then when Cory got to court and got in front of the judge and pled guilty and just expected to pay a fine like all the other times, well this time the judge said ENOUGH...this time they were going to get his attention and throw the book at him. 120 days is the max for this crime. They hoped to shock him.

    I was hoping to shock her because she also drives their car without a stitch of license or insurance or tags.

    She has more tickets than Cory!

    She told me today that she called down to DMV to ask them what she needed to do to get her license and they told her she had "quite a few" failure to appears on her record because she just didnt show up in court after getting court dates for her tickets. Well I know of 3 court dates that I personally told her about: one in June, one in the end of July, and one Sept 21. She simply refused to go to them. I even offered to take her if she didnt have a way to go to the June one and the Sept one. I couldnt the July one because I was in Ohio but I called her the day before we left for Ohio to remind her of court.

    I have a program on my computer where I can watch the dockets so I see them. I watch them weekly so I know where my family

    Her answer was...well I dont know how I am supposed to know when I am supposed to go to court if no one tells me? Shouldnt the laws have to come tell me or something? I wanted to slap her. Her invitation to court is the date on the bottom of the ticket! It clearly says...Court Date!!!!
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    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member case anyone is worried that I am freaking or worried...Im not. I am zen. This is his problem. If I have the money and can figure out how to make it so he can get calls to me, I will. So far I dont find anything about the phone system there online. I did find out their visiting schedule and the fact that I can take 3 paperback books at a time to him. I may do that. He reads when he can. I have some books here he may enjoy. I do think its odd he cant have magazines or newspapers though. He would like hunting or fishing magazines. Oh well, I can find books on stuff like that. First he has to read through my books
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    Sigh. As Sonny and Cher used to sing "and the beat goes on". Sorry. DDD
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    Seems we are living similar lives. I suspect my difficult child will be in Cory's place at some point and having to stay in jail because she didn't pay a fine or bond. And lol about having the court docket online so you can see where your family is. That's how I found out difficult child was arrested. I searched the court website for the county her college is in. I like to know where my family is too.

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    I'm utterly amazed that two boys with a mother of very high intelligence picked stupid females as mates. I mean, how can they stand living with them. Hello? Is there anything going on upstairs? sheesh!!

    At least Cory is willing to takes the lumps he earned. I guess that's something. Ought to be interesting to see how Mandy holds up without him around to pay the bills and such. lol I think she's in for a shock.

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    I kept telling Cory and Mandy about her court dates. I always kept Cory apprised about his and he listened. He never missed a court date except one time when they changed it on us at the very last minute without sending a letter. And I mean the very last minute. Within a week. The bondsmen came to lock him up that time too which is how I found out the court date had been changed. I had the papers showing what his court date was supposed to be. They didnt care. They took him in anyway because they had paperwork showing a bench warrant for failure to appear. I called down the next day and was sitting in his lawyers office waiting for her. Now she shouldnt have talked to me but I was on that bond. She swore that they had sent out paperwork to tell us but the date was so it would have maybe been sent to us two days before the court date that it was likely that we may not have even received it before the court date AND he had a history of never missing a date, that she went into court and asked the judge to lift the warrant. So we were able to go get Cory back out on ROR. They lifted the bond amounts because we had already paid the other bond people the money on that bond and now it was gone! Bail is a racket let me tell you. They make some money...just watch Dog the Bounty Hunter! I mean they just made 700 bucks off Cory for doing nothing! Cory didnt miss court!

    It isnt going to be long before Mandy winds up in jail too. Now that she has so many failure to appears on her, the first time she gets pulled over or goes to court again, they are going to lock her up. I doubt anyone is going to come down and bail her out. I know I wont. I dont have the money. Cory cant...he is in jail! I dont know if her family will...they are here and there and I dont know if they have the money or if they will spend it on her. I also feel she has made her bed. She chose not to go to court. That was stupid. She has friends but friends normally dont pony up money. Maybe they will. But I dont know that bail bondsmen take friends as the guarantors. They like it to be parents or spouses. Thats why they always call me.

    Maybe they can have matching jail outfits for halloween.
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    Lisa...she is in for a big shock. I wish we had strip clubs here because she is gonna need something like that to make the big bucks! Of course, she wouldnt understand the concept of that either if she doesnt understand that waiting tables brings in tips!

    How can you not understand that $3.25 and hour is your base pay and that if you smile pretty and are nice to the customers that you will make good tips at a good restaurant? Waitresses can bring home 80-100 a night at somewhere like Outback or Ruby Tuesday on a good night! That is much better than the $150 a week she may make for her Dominos job! But all she can think of is that they get paid 3.25 an hour...ugh! Heck...when I was young it was 1.80 an hour...lmao.
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    My third son waited tables two summers and made a ton of money. Just as you say ... if you're nice, and take trouble and do a good job, the tips really add up. And easy child 2 isn't even a cute girl with a nice figure! :)
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    My younger sister works at a locally reknowned coffee shop. On a good Sunday she can take in close to 300 dollars.

    She earns considerably more than I did with all my technical certifications and 'professional' work.

    We are not talking 'Hooters' or anything like that. The waitresses work in denim jumpers over gingham blouses. It's definitely a 'family' place.

    I'll usually stop by the place to grab breakfast on a day she's working and I swear my eyeballs are jingling after watching her work. I'd have a nervous breakdown, LoL.

    She's tried other work but the money is nowhere as good and she winds up going back to the restaurant.

    The only concern is that now that she's in her mid-forties and has been doing this for thirty years, is that she's starting to have some real problems with arthritis in her feet and ankles.
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    I'm ......I'm.......Well you know why I'm sick over this. A. Because it's CORY and B. Because one follows the other and soon it will be you know ....:sick:

    It feels like a RUN FOREST RUN day. I wish there were something I could say Janet - The only thing that comes to mind is maybe with him doing this now? All of it will be behind him and he can get on with life and not worry about any of this junk for his future??? I'll ramp up the prayers. Dang it. I swear these kids don't get a break - I mean - couldn't ANYONE take into consideration where he was three years ago and where he is TODAY? Paying rent, paying bills, NOT In trouble and not have money FOR the frikin bondsman? UGH....I'm just angry is all---sorry. No angrier than you. I mean what was the kid supposed to do for money sell blood? :mad:

    Sorry hon - really sorry. Our kids try and just don't get a break.
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    LOL Star...we dont have a paying blood bank here. He saw that on a tv show one time and looked at me and said...they pay for blood? Lord...if he could sell his blood, he would be anemic!
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    I'm right there with you Janet. I'll start a post on my difficult child.
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