Lump in my thumb

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Aug 15, 2008.

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    I see my rheumy today. I am kind of frustrated with him, he sent another scrip for the vitamin I can't take when I called for the LAB report. I had HIS report, but I need to watch the levels of some liver things so I need LAB reports. I can't take the stinkin' vitamin. Not much use spending $$ on something that will make me barf everytime, in my opinion.

    Anyway, I have a lump in my thumb. It hurts. There is something in there. It is bigger some days than others. I have had it for more than 5 months. I tried sticking a sterilized needle in it to lance it, nothing worked.

    Do I ask the doctor to lance it, try to figure out what is in it? Or just live with it?

    I also am wondering about a steroid shot in my lower back (sacro-iliac area). It is so terribly painful to sit, exp for long periods of time (you know, like 20 minutes). Is a steroid shot the right thing to ask about?> Or is there something else that would be helpful?

    Sorry I haven't been around much. It has been hard to type and I have been feeling worse and doing more. But I will post more soon.

    Hugs to all, Happy birthday to Star, Abbey the book is awesome.
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    If the lump hasn't gone away in 5 months, it's probably something your body cannot dissolve on it's own -- maybe a piece of metal or glass? I'd have the doctor look at it and perhaps try to extract whatever is in there. Why suffer any longer?

    I don't know if prednisone/cortisone would help your back or not, but I'd definitely complain to the doctor and insist something be done to relieve your pain.

    Who calls in the scrips for your rheumy's office? Maybe you need to call and talk to that person to clarify so they don't make the vitamin mistake again. And maybe there's an alternative form of that vitamin that you CAN take, since they must think you need it?
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    Send a letter certified requesting specifically what you need. HIPAA requires they respond within a certain period of time (it may vary by state and they may charge you for copies, but they are limited on what they can charge).

    As for the steroid shot...tell the rheumy - or your GP - what you are experiencing and ask him if he thinks a steroid shot might help. I've had 2 in my right sacroiliac joint. First one worked for 2 months, second one for a day and a half. But, my pain is with standing and walking. I can't stand for more than a couple minutes (like 2 or 3) without significant pain. Sitting relieves the pain for me. But, I have to sit Indian Style almost exclusively or it still hurts my lower back area. I do straighten my knees a few times an hour, but go right back to the Indian Style.

    Google sacroiliac joint and it will show you where it is. It's where your pelvis meets the spine. If you touch it and it hurts there, a steroid shot will probably give you some relief. My rheumy was impressed that when he asked where it hurt and I told him the SI joint. He then asked me to show him and I put my hand right on it without having to feel around. When it hurts bad enough and for long enough, it's like a beacon, ya know? :tongue:

    Also, just a tip, when I had the steroid injection in the SI joint, my GP felt along and the point where it was most painful is where she did the injection.

    As for the lump on your thumb, where is it? Any chance it's a rheumatoid arthritis type lump or osteoarthritis? Or like Gcvmom said, it's a foreign object in there.
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    Thanks for the info on the SI joint. I have just about enough time to google exactly where it is.

    The lump in my thumb gets bigger soem days, smaller others, has not gone away EVER, and sometimes turns blue. I agree it needs to come out - but havne't gotten a reaction other than Huh. And then nothing.

    The vitamin D issue is that I have already taken every form of it that is available orally. We have been trying to fix this for almost 2 years now. My body engages in "reverse peristalsis" as Wiz was calling it (you know --barfing) at any oral form, even food with significant amounts. And we won't discuss the reaction to the sun. My reg doctor tried to get it in shot form, but the business office won't order a box of it to give me one dose.

    I even found a topical form, but no word yet on if that was to be prescribed. I see an endocrinologist at the end of Sept. So hopefully someone, sometimes will figure something out.

    Thanks again for letting me whine. Next time I will bring y'all some cheese!

    Oh - I do get to meet DramaQueenLucy for lunch today, so that is awesome!!
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    Why can't you get your Vitamin D from the sun? If sunburn is a problem, then spending time with skin exposed when the sun is lower in the sky should help.

    If you have paler skin that is liable to burn, you need less sun exposure to get your required Vitamin D.

    If you have darker skin, you need more sun exposure for your body to make enough Vitamin D.

    If you spend a lot of your time with skin covered up, if you have darker skin, if you wear sunscreen all the time, if you don't go outside during the day - you run the risk of low Vitamin D causing problems. So for a person with Ugandan, Ethiopian or Aust Aborigine-type skin who is a rock singer (ie never ventures out in daylight) who wears a burkah (or who is a nun) and moisturises with Factor 50 - they could have a problem!

    Seriously - they have now discovered, after decades of sending Aussies the message of slip, slop, slap, wrap (slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat and wrap around a pair of sunglasses) that we have become a nation with rickets.

    Even winter sun can help you make your own Vitamin D.

    I have fairly dark skin, so I don't wear sunscreen and try to build up a tan from early summer. difficult child 3 is similar, maybe slightly paler in colouring. One of my sisters tans even darker than I do. I figure we are doing OK with our Vitamin D.

  6. Hound dog

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    Marg I honestly was waiting for that to happen. lol I can use sunscreen because I'm allergic to some ingredient in it. I've tried all brands. But sunburn has never been much of an issue for me either. I'm also fairly dark. But I simply avoid going out from about 11 am until 2 or 3 pm for extended periods. I always did the same with my kids and I don't recall them ever having burned.

    Susie I'm sorry you've been having such a rough time. I was thinking that lump in your thumb might be what they call a ganglion. (bundle of nerves near the skin) Is it really sensitive?

  7. Lothlorien

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    The lump could simply be a fatty cyst. If it hurts, have it removed. Go to a hand surgeon.

    I'm glad you are getting to the endocrinologist. Ask about the topical form of the Vitamin D. Get the name of it and ask specifically for it. If possible, find out from the company that makes it where you can get it and how you can get it. You may want to consult with a homeopathic pharmacist. They can get all sorts of stuff that doesn't necessarily need a prescription for. A homeopathic pharmacist may be able to find a solution for the Vit. D. problem. A simple phone call can help with that. If you don't have one locally, let me know and I'll give you the phone number for one in my area and you can probably consult with him over the phone and perhaps order from him.

    Go to pain management specialist for shots in your back. You may need a trial of epidural steroid injections.
  8. Big Bad Kitty

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    I think I mentioned this to you before, but my mom has the same problems with Vitamin D. She, too, is deficient, but cannot tolerate supplements.

    I once had a lump on the back of my hand, about 2 inches below the "crotch" of my pointer and middle fingers. A doctor told me it was a ganglian cyst. My X (hubby at the time) had a very creative way of curing me...he had me put my hand completely flat on the table. Then he took a heavy book and slammed it down on my hand.

    Do you know the cyst went away, and never came back?

    Of course you want to have it checked (glad you are seeing an endochrinologist), just wanted to share that funny.

    You are in my prayers.
  9. Abbey

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    Wish I knew, but it sounds like they need to take the bugger out. Maybe when they do that, they can cyber take out the broken bone in my hand that sticks out like a knife.:surprise:

    Thank you for the compliment...hope you feel better!

  10. mrscatinthehat

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    Hope the appointment gets you some answers.

  11. Shari

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    Maybe they can just shape your bone like a spork, instead, abbey.

    I'd see about getting rid of the thing on your hand. You have enough annoyances - in this day and age, cutting that thing off shouldn't be a deal.

    I've never had back problems, but steroid shots helped my knees. I'd assume they could help with yuor back. Hugs.
  12. Lothlorien

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    I asked healthfood guy, today, about the vitamin D and he was going to suggest something and then we got interrupted by an elderly couple. I forgot to pursue it.
  13. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling better. No advice here, just hugs.
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Susie Star,

    The more I am aware of your symptoms etc...and the like..the MORE I am CONVINCED you need to seek out an allergist. I am 100% serious about this.

    I have /had allergies ALMOST ALL my life. I took shots daily for years and lived in a nearly sanitary environment as a child. Some I outgrew and some I still have, but not as bad. Somethings I never had an allergy to until I got older. Even on the card I carry with the huge BIG RED CROSS in my wallet it states - I am allergic to mean and stupid people.

    I really wonder if you didn't get a referal to a TOP NOTCH allergist that the vitamin D issue could be resolved, and the tired aching muscles. I know you and i both have rheumy - but it is different - and my ears just PERKED up today when you mentioned your thumb - allergies are weird.

    I miss ya - hope all is well and wizard didn't turn Hogwarts into the bat cave.

  15. susiestar

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    Hey ladies, thanks for all the support.

    I can't get Vit D from the sun. I end up very ill, my skin gets a very strange texture (like plastic wrap stretched WAY too tight), and it does nothing for my vit D levels. this is with 20 minutes in moderate light with-no sunscreen. I am sensitive to sunscreen - it ends up making me feel very overheated and woozy - and I have tried everything on the market since it started 5 years ago.

    been there done that on the allergist. It is very strange. My eyes run, itch, get red. My nose runs, itches. ONLY benadryl works. But extensive allergy testing with a VERY highly qualified and regarded allergist showed absolutely NO reaction to ANYTHING. Only a reaction to the control sample. They even redid it, and did blood tests for things I know I react to. But nothing showed up. The kids all popped up with bumps like crazy. But not me.

    Since I have the appointment with the endocrinologist, teh doctor thought that it is best to wait for that appointment to try topical Vit d. I am not the only patient he shares with this endocrinologist (they are in the same bldg, on the same floor even) who reacts to Vit D this way.

    The thumb thingy is a "nodule" caused by the arthritis. It is not pus filled, it probably won't go away, but is not big enough to cut out. I will consult the hand surgeon my parents have had excellent results from. He pointed out several other "nodules", including one on my pinkie knuckle that is apparently the worst and will need surgery at some point.

    I didn't get a cortisone shot. He feels that the side effects might be more than we want to handle, and he wants to get an MRI first of the tailbone, to see if we have something else going on.

    He did prescribe Arava. I am quite happy about this - my mom has had AMAZING luck with it. The other option is Remicade, and it scares me. It has thrown a LOT of people into lupus - a really permanent side effect I don't need. I have seen the research on that one.

    If a family member, esp a close one like a sibling or parent, has had a result with a medication, you are more likely to have similar results. So mom having great luck with this medication means that I am more likely to have positive results.

    Anyway, you all make me smile. I really appreciate your insight and suggestions. I am going to call the hand surgeon on Monday. I am sure it will take months to get in, so I might as well do it now and cancel if I don't need it.

    The rheumy explained that he DID remember that I can't actually take the Vit D, but that he is required to have some proof that it was offered, otherwise he would be open to a lawsuit of some kind. He knows that there is NO intent to sue him for anything, but he does have to show that appropriate treatment was offered if the chart is ever audited. Esp since I am on pain medications. So I am OK with that. He can throw as many written prescriptions for Vit D as he needs to, as long as we both know I won't waste $$ on them.

    I hadquite a day today. My first "kid-free" outing in a long time. I met with Drama Queen Lucy (I know her from another board, so I called her to have lunch), went to a pet store having a fundraiser for therapy dogs (wanted info on seizure dogs - got some in case I ever need if for jess), spent time at the library, went to an estate sale, and met with an old friend from college who makes tie-dyed tshirts for a living. She GAVE me one!!! I was going to buy one, but she wouldn't let me. We ahd a brief, but good chat.

    Now I am wiped out, will pay for this for several days, but it was worth it!

    Hugs to all who want them!
  16. Abbey

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    Hmmm. Have you ever been tested as being literally allergic to the sun? My husband is. If he's out 10 minutes with 50 sunscreen, he is a mess. He gets a rash that doesn't go away for a good 10 days. If he doesn't wear sunscreen...oh, lordy. So, it's not the screen, it's the sun.

    That doesn't account for your thumb lump, but maybe the Vitamin D thing.