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    Some days...
    I used my lunch hour (first one I've had not running to school to specials in a month - no school today) to get a blood draw that I was supposed to have done, oh, about a month ago.
    I did not know where the lab was, so I was driving around a little shopping complex, looking for it. And I curbed my car.
    I was making a sharp, basically U-turn to the right and could not see that the curb jutted out into the parking lot, and I jumped my front wheel drive car onto this curb and into the newly laid dirt and sod in the "median" area, where it promptly SUNK. There was no getting out of it, so I went to the closest store and asked them to call the property owners. They say the owner's son is on his way
    Expecting the worst, I wait. A young kid, yuppy type in faded jeans, walks up, obviously VERY annoyed. He surveys the situation, including letting me know there is a sprinkler system in this new dirt. Seeing dollar signs that I can't afford, I apologize, explain what happened, offer him my insurance but tell him I will be more than happy to repair the damage myself, including new sod, then ask if he happens to drive a truck and have a chain. He says he does, but he's worried about my car and hooking it up. I plop down on the ground and show him the hooks on the rear of my car and tell him they'll be fine to use. Then he's worried about my bumper, and I tell him I paid $400 for the car, don't worry about my dang bumper, I'll weld it back on. The kid's whole demeanor changed. He went and got his bobcat from across the road, we hooked up the chain and yanked the car out, and then he and I (in my business casual and black loafers) smashed the mud back into the holes and straightened out the sod. All said and done, they will have to get one new piece of sod, which I offered to go get and install.
    The kid, friendly by now, says not to worry about it, he'd have his crew fix it right up, and then apologized for me being all muddy. lol I said not to worry about it, not my first rodeo, as I washed my hands and shoes in a nearby puddle, and asked what I can do to make it up to the guys fixing my hole. He said to bring them a 12 pack of beer and laughed. He didn't even take my license or name.
    So I went on to the lab. I stopped and ate some lunch. Then I went to the grocery store and bought a case of bottles, and went back to the company's office. Much to my suprise, this office is *formal* and here I stand, muddy, with a case of beer, surrounded by cubicles and workers in business attire. The receptionist looks at me a bit and finally says "Uh, the Bud girl is here..." and at that point, I couldn't help but laugh. I'm an idiot through and through. I told her I was paying for "services rendered" and she asked who it was for. I don't even know the kid's name, but when I explained I was the dumbo that got my car stuck in the mud in the middle of the concrete shopping complex, she said "oh, that was Chris". He was not there, but I left the beer on his mahogony desk with many comments about "I'll just take that and head on out for the day..." behind me. I don't think he was serious about bringing the boys any beer. LOL
    All's well that ends well, and I'm a blonde idiot. LOL Oh well. Chris is a nice yuppy kid.
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    Oh, Shari...too funny! Standing with a case of Bud. They probably drank it at the meeting.

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    PHEW! That was easy!