Lurkers try a post! It's nearing the end of another hard school year.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MidwestMom, May 15, 2009.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    Inviting newbies to post us their stories. I know this time of year is rough and we don't bite. Would love to hear from anyone. I'm sure we all feel that way :D.
  2. totoro

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    How nice!
    Yeah I know my kids are a wreck! LOL

    This time of year tends to not only destabilize our kids, but send the fear of #($*#@, into parents minds. The though of a long hot summer! YIKES
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    Not too new here but am SO ready for school to be done this year. This has been the worst year ever....
    On the plus side difficult child is doing good on new medications and has been really trying this last quarter. She is in a push to get a high enough grade in English to pass, at this point I don't think she is going to be able to do it. I am not telling her that but I am prepared for her to have to repeat 10th grade again. She is only going to pass half her classes and will need to repeat several next year anyway. Who knows maybe she can pull out a B, doesn't sound hard unless of course your average has been a LOW D and Two E's!
    To her credit she has gone from an E to an A in Biology! So who knows it may happen I just don't want to get my hopes up!
    4 more weeks and it will all be done either way. No summer school this year, if she fails then she will do summer school next year!
    I am SO OVER SCHOOL for now!
    I hope everyone has a good end of the school push. It is so hard knowing what needs to be done but being helpless to do it! If I could I would do it for her but no can do not to mention the fact she will learn "no effort no reward".
    Best of luck to everyone,
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    Glad to be almost done with a tough year at school, but here's what I'm facing for the summer:

    difficult child has the opportunity to volunteer at a sports camp. If he does a good job -- and I'm sure he would because I've seen him work with younger kids -- he could get paid to do it next summer. The catch is that he has to sign up to do it (in order to show that he's willing to make the effort). They won't allow parents to sign their kids up. Makes sense to me. But do you think he'll make the call? Naaaaaaahhh. :faint: And he's known about this since December. I don't think I can take a summer of him lying around the house.
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    I was kind of inviting people to post their own Newbies who have been thinking about it, but are afraid to do it. We seem to have so many kids in crisis now!
  6. lillians

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    well its been awhile,,sorry i did tho find a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) group,,and its near our town so am hoping to get a workshop going before fall summer coming and we have the boy thing going on,,i dread each day that comes along,,ihate my feelings,,hate them cant seem to shake em
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    Good idea to do this, MWM.

    Robin, is it possible for your daughter to work a half-load? That way she could do all next year, the subjects she is failing this year but still keep the credits for the ones she passes.

    We're doing this with difficult child 3 this year and it's made it much easier for him to show what he can do. He's doing Maths, Science, Computers and Health this year and leaving English, History, Geography and Electronics to next year. It's much less stress for both of us. Ofcourse, it WILL take him another six years to graduate... but we figure it will be worth it. PLus he will be able to enrol in some college courses at the same time (after this year) so by the time he graduates high school he will be able to get into uni, with advanced standing (skippping first year uni entirely, going straight into 2nd year or higher).

    A good system, it makes high school more painless for us.

    So come on, all you lurkers - feel free to dump on us! We're here to help.

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    kids in crisis....what about parents in crisis?

    I know we fight all school year. But now kids are getting their drivers license, everyone seems to be doing friends most days. Stays in room and won't come out. Already said he has no intention of doing anything this summer. Not even coming out of his room.

    What's worse? School or a summer like this to look forward to? And if he DOES manage to go with friends....they all do drugs. What will happen to him? He says it is tempting, but feeling the way he does he is too afraid. I know he is afraid.
  9. lillians

    lillians lillians

    i sort of agree my daughter doesnt know she is in crisis,,lol,,i am not able to deal,,she just does what we parents cannot do,,starts each day anew
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    Hi, I just joined this site and I am soo glad I did. I can not wait for this school year to be over, if even that it only means no more suspensions this year. My 6 yo, C, has ADHD and ODD, and last week, was suspended for the 4th time his 1st year of school. Some friends of mine have been telling me about IEPs and after reading on here a bit, I am definitely going to be talking to his principal about it. This last suspension has been a real stresser too. Apparently after upsetting a sub, they sent a little girl to get the principal who was across the way. C grabbed her wrists and would not let so, so the teacher sent another little girl. That was a mistake on her part, as he did the exact same thing to the next little girl. When the principal arrived, he would not go with her, and threw a toy he earned from the classroom treasure chest at her. She then took the toy, and when she did that he just lost it. He scratched, kicked, pulled on, and hit the principal to get his toy back. When I got there, she and the nurse had to restrain him he was so out of control. I was told he was being suspended for a week and that he would need an ARP meeting before he could return. I agreed with this, as I could see where he had injured her myself, and I could understand it was warrented. However, yesterday we received the ARP paperwork, and they apparently could not schedule a meeting before the 29th. So in the end it is a 3 week suspension for a kindergartner. I keep thinking how the heck do they expect him to remember what he did in 3 weeks. He is 6. I mean, he knows he is in trouble, and that he hurt the principal, but in the last week, has already forgotten exactly what happened. And just what is basically a 3 week vacation really teaching my son?
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    I think you need to post about thiws over in Special Education forum. Also, since it is so close to the end of the school year for you, surely such a long suspension (I agree, it is ridiculous) is perhaps the school's way of trying to get rid of a problem kid?

    If they insist they have to have an ARP (sorry, I don't know what that is) then surely they can arrange to have that meeting on time.

    Reading this story - your child was raging and the situation was handled badly. He did the wrong thing, but it was a series of events each leading to the next stage. It was escalated due to bad handling. Yes, the principal was injured, but it all follows on.

    Example: if I want to cuddle a cat, I will first make friends with the cat. I will call to it, pat it if it comes over to me, test gently to see if that cat will let me pick it up and keep coaxing it until I can get the cat onto my lap for some cuddlnig and gentle fondling.
    Or I could grab the cat and force it onto my lap, gripping it firmly to make sure it doesn't twist away. Of course most cats will fight this, so I will have to tighten my grip to make sure the cat stays on my lap.
    Of course, I will get scratched.
    Who is to blame then? Me? or the cat?

    Welcome to the site. Who diagnosed your son? What sort of assessment was done? There could be more to it, which could not only explain things more (for you) but also point the way to more appropriate support, to help him learn self-control.

    When you can, do a sig for yourself (it helps us keep your info straight and also saves you writers cramp typing it all out with each post). Also, begin a thread for yourself about your concerns, so we can give you our undivided attention.

    Again, welcome!

  12. lillians

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    does he not have an aide??can a 6 yr old really be suspended,,,iremember a day when our son took a class room apart,,,,the principal sat with him and waited til he was done making sure not a soul got hurt the most patient and all knowing man ever,,when the seige was over our son just stopped ,,and started picking things up took the principals hand,,and they spoke softly ,,WITH OUR SON SAYING SORRY AND THE PRINCIPAL ASKING WHAT CAN WE DO SON TO MAKE THINGS BETTER,,AT NOW 17--18 NEXT WEE KHE WILL NEVER FORGET THAT MAN sorry for the caps,,,he safe gaurded him validated his emotions,,,and became a working buddy of sorts,,,of course he didnt make it all better,,,and our son had to pay consequenses forhis bizzare behaviours but the anger at schoolwas on its way out,,i pray that yu all have a similar expereince,,because going to school i s much better than what summer has to offer